Hitting Rock Bottom

I believe that there is one commonality that every human shares and that’s the need to know why we’re here. Throughout the history of man, the search to find the truth about God and about life after death has been never-ending. Our need to connect to our divine source is inherent. God wants us to learn about Him through physical human experiences. He created man in His image so that man could step outside of his natural state of spirit and experience the elements of which He is made.

In our natural state of spirit, we’re non-physical; therefore, we’re unable to experience physical negativity–we’re detached. But despite being in this spirit state, we’re also not complete. We’ve yet to evolve to our full enlightenment. In spirit state, and what I mean by spirit state is what we become after we die, we may not have earthly worries, but our goal is to create new realities so that we can experience new possibilties so that we can learn new lessons . . . to arrive at new answers. As spirit, we need to actualize our consciousness. It’s what we are. It’s how we were created. Therefore, to continue evolving, we must keep coming back to the physical world to learn new lessons.

So why did God make it this way? I can only speculate that He wants it this way because He created balance. Living in this world has taught us that there is a positive and a negative to every element of creation. Having said that, if we are to experience all of life, the sorrow, the pain, and the joy, then these aspects must be a part of who our divine source is. Again, I can only speculate that these are the reasons.

In my search for the truth about God, I’ve uncovered a perception that suits my comprehension. I believe that we were created in spirit and lived many physical lives. We may have had a different human form for each life we lived, but it’s one soul which has lived all of these lives and who returns to source when that life is over. So if this is the case, then for each life we have there must be a way to connect to God. It’s innate, and it lies under layers of consciousness. It’s there to be called upon—-to be tapped into. And the way to do it is through praying and meditating. The greatest thinkers and researchers can’t be wrong. The Bible can’t be wrong. I can’t be wrong. I’v experienced God first hand; therefore, I can’t be anything but certain. But many people haven’t experienced God. They talk about God; they talk about spiritualism and how they believe, but are they really connected?

When you’re connected to God there’s a feeling in your gut that is similar to confidence. You feel happy. You feel right. You’re unstoppable because you know there’s a purpose. Your state of mind is clear and you have a positive attitude. You smile and feel more at ease. You’re quick to overlook the ignorance of others and you understand that life isn’t all about you. You have empathy and compassion. But what happens when you’re not in sync with God?

Hitting rock bottom is when you’re in total discord with who you are; it’s like having your connection to God severed. Having every facet of your life turn against you simply means that you are apart from your divine source. Losing your job, your spouse, your material possessions, your zest for life, and your mental and physical well being is the result of being unconnected to God. Yet, for many, as these avalanches of mishaps take place, we still don’t realize that it’s happening because of our separation from God. We’re quick to blame others. We’re quick to blame society. But the truth is it’s our negative thinking and our negative core beliefs that put us at the rock bottom level. When our negative thinking gets out of control, our lives get out of control; we feel helpless and powerless.

Did you ever notice that those of us who hit rock bottom suddenly call on God for help? I find it hypocritical that the one thing we suddenly reach for when we’re desperate is the same one thing that we’ve shunned when the going was good. What a coincidence, isn’t it? So what does that say? It says that we will surrender to God at some point in our lives. Do you think that He didn’t know what he was doing when He made us this way? Please . . . get real. God is ever knowing and way smarter than you or I will ever be.

I connect to God every day. I make it a point to take time out to talk to Him. I do it for many reasons, but the main reason I do it is because when I do it, I feel so much better. If I’m having a real crappy day–a day where I’m doubtful and sad–I start talking to Him and then the next thing I know, I’m feeling so much better. It’s hard to explain. I only know that I feel like a load has been lifted. I can wake up each day knowing that I can turn inward to my divine source and get relief. I can get comfort. To me, that’s the best deal around. And it doesn’t cost a cent. It’s for free.

I know rock bottom. Been there—done that—and wrote the book. Trust me on this one. There’s only one way to go when you’re this low, and all you have to do is grab onto His hand.


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