Is Your Pain All In Your Ass ?

You’re in pain, and it’s keeping you from living your life. You’ve tried everything, and you can’t get rid of it. You’ve been to numerous doctors, and they all agree that you are in pain. They give you pain medication, and you take it. After all, you’re in pain. Every day of your life, you tell yourself that you are in pain. You tell your family and friends that you are in pain, and soon, that’s what all your conversations are about . . . your pain. People start referring to you as “the friend who is suffering from this particular type of pain”, and now this has become your identity. You’re amongst the group who suffers from this disease or that disease, and this is who you are. Can I tell you something that you’re not going to like? Something that I know first hand? All right, get closer and listen carefully. This is a bit deep.

I have studied the mind for over 20 years. I have read dozens of books concerning the mind. I lived through agoraphobia, not once, but twice in my life and put it in remission. I know anxiety. I know what the mind can do and how it can deviate the truth into suitable perceptions that we can deal with. Friends, I know this very well. I want to explain something. Follow me on this.

When I developed agoraphobia, it took on many manifestations. Besides the panic attacks and depersonalization, I was always in some form of pain. When it was at its peak, I had chest pains. Oh, they were real, let me tell you. So I went to a specialist and had tests. They all came back negative. But hey. I had chest pains. Nobody was going to rob me of my pain. When I went to my therapist and told him that all my tests came back negative, he explained something to me. He explained that when we are suffering from emotional pain, pain that is unbearable for us to deal with, our minds will develop other issues to keep us from thinking about our “real” issues. Our minds will make us focus on other things, just not to think about issues that hurt too much. 

Once he told me this, I went and got a book on the subconscious mind, and let me tell you, I learned alot.

After I read this book, my chest pains went away because now I was able to understand a little better about how the mind works. But here’s where it gets tricky. After the chest pains went away, I was getting stomach aches every day. Yep. My mind picked something else to focus on and brought it to manisfestation. Not only were my stomach aches real, I had to constantly go to the bathroom. It got so bad that I went to a specialist and had an upper and lower GI series done. Guess what? They found nothing wrong. Zippo–nada. When I got the results, I took out the book that I had bought, and reread it. You know what happened? My stomach aches went away.

Okay. So now I’ve rid myself of chest pains and stomach troubles. After that,I started getting itchy eyes. Can you imagine? Itchy eyes? They were so freakin’ itchy that I thought that I had to go to a specialist, but this time I thought about the book and how our minds will manifest our hurts into physical pain. Guess what happened after I came to the realization? My eyes stopped itching.

These manifestations stayed with me for a couple of years, until I had exhausted just about every part of my body, but as I dealt with each issue in my life, my agoraphobia was also going away. The point in all of this? The point is that although the pain is real, most of the time we bring it on because there is something in our lives that we do not want to deal with.
And don’t get all pissy and say, “Val, you have no idea about my pain and how it’s affecting my life”. Yes I do. And let me explain. 

I have been in pain for over a year and have gone to the doctor twice for it. I was given medication for the problem but it keeps coming back. Well, today, as I talked to God, I received this answer. It’s something that I’ve known for almost 21 years but had forgotten about.

Let me elaborate. My mother died a little over one year ago, and I haven’t been the same, mentally. I can’t seem to get passed her leaving me. The pain that I am experiencing is due to my unacceptance of her death. It is easier for me to deal with my physical pain, believe it or not, then to deal with never seeing her again. Now I do not want to live in pain–trust me. I want a happy and rich life, so when I questioned God today about this pain, He gave me this reminder. Now believe this or not, it’s your choice. I’m sitting here and I’m feeling pretty darn good. Why? Because I am now realizing that it’s true. My mother leaving me was the hardest thing for me to accept. My identity had been taken. The “who” I am can’t be associated anymore to any particular thing because that thing is gone. I have suffered deep loss of my mother and of myself. My emotional pain was too much to handle so it transferred itself to my body, and then I focused on that for the whole year. Dang! I’m good.

People listen to me, I’m begging you. I know your pain is real. Please don’t tell me that I don’t know this. I do. But what I am asking you to do is to reach deep in your mind and heart and ask yourself this big million dollar question: What is going on in my life that I do not want to deal with? And be honest . . . real honest. It may hurt to admit that you really don’t love your spouse. It may crush you to admit that you are afraid of your future and that you feel you are a waste of life. It may torment you to face that you have no self esteem, or that your father molested you, or that you are losing a beloved family member to sickness. Whatever it is that you don’t want to face is going to kill you. I’m saying this to you because I care.

When you come clean, and face these truths, and then learn to deal with the hurt, you very well may get rid of your physical pain. Hey, isn’t it worth a try? Aren’t you worth a little effort to be physically well and mentally happy? Try it. What do you have to lose besides your pain?
Don’t thank me. Thank the Master.

©Valentine deFrancis. All rights reserved. 2008


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