From where I am—a dimension undetectable by the human eye—I could see him perfectly. He was pacing back and forth, stopping every few seconds in front of the fireplace to rehearse what he’d say; practicing hand gestures to coordinate with his words. He kept this up—reciting his lie, until he had convinced himself that it sounded like the truth. Once confidence took over, he threw his head back and spewed a cocky grin. His facial expression had changed from pure panic to a new sense of ease and surety.

He was certain no one would ever find out.

He crossed the massive oak-paneled den to the liquor cabinet, took out a bottle of Southern Comfort, and poured a full glass—neat. He only drank it neat. He downed it in three quick gulps—like he always did—using the excuse that it was to celebrate. Only, little did he know, the drink would offer temporary comfort. One’s demise comes when they least expect it.

Miles away from Southampton, New York, Miami’s kingpin of the underground world awaited the news that would shake the history of mankind and make him ridiculously rich. His men, scattered throughout the eastern seacoast, upheld their posts and awaited their orders which would then be carried out by way of blackmail, force, and even murder. They’ll slither in the dark, like lower life forms do; unaware that their deviant acts would soon bring them the same consequences as those inflicted on their enemies. If only they understood the universal laws of karma. If only they understood they were out of time.

Over in Bayside, Queens, Officer Joseph Galante was riding his partner with enough stamina to win the Kentucky Derby. With his head buried in Melissa Torres’s neck, he rode her hard and steady, on the verge of his rush, when his cell phone went off.

“Shit,” he moaned into her neck.

“Ignore it, baby,” she breathed in his ear.

The phone was still ringing.

He pumped her faster, honing his thoughts on getting his business done and then succumbed to the uncontrollable spasms that left his body temporarily limp. When he was finally able to catch his breath, he reached his arm over to the nightstand and lifted the phone to look at the readout.

“Who was it?” Melissa breathed out.

“It’s Henders. What does he want now?”

“He probably wants to know where you are,” she said. “You’re supposed to be working, remember?”

Joey lifted himself from Melissa’s sweaty, naked body and rolled onto his back, letting out a deep sigh as his head hit the cool pillow. “I better call him before he sends the troops looking for me.”

He pushed himself from the bed and walked to the window with his phone and punched in the number.

“Yes, sir,” he said when the call was answered.

“Yes, sir, I checked it out. I’m heading back now.”

He closed the phone and then walked over to where his jacket was and shoved the phone deep into the side pocket. “I have to go. Henders is waiting for me.”

Melissa propped a pillow under her right arm and watched as he strut past her.

“Henders called you on your cell?” she asked. “Why would he do that?”

Her question caught him off guard, and his decision to not answer her led him to giving her just a shrug.

“Joe,” she said, now sitting up, “why would Henders call you on your phone? That doesn’t make any sense.”

Seeing no way out of giving her some form of an answer, he said, “I have no idea,” and proceeded toward the bathroom. But she wouldn’t let it go and pressed him again.

“Why wouldn’t he go through dispatch?” she asked.

He stopped at the bathroom door and turned to face her.

“Mel, I don’t know. Besides, if he went through dispatch, I still wouldn’t have gotten the call. I’m not in the car. Don’t worry about it. I have it covered.”

Melissa freed herself from the white tangled sheets and got out of the bed. She walked over to where Joey was standing and kissed his lips.

“You better take a shower,” she teased. “You smell like, you know, me.”

“I’m going to do that right now,” he said, giving her butt a swat. “And you better head back to your house. Okay?”

“You want me to leave like this?” she barked, gesturing to her sweaty body.

“Yes, I do. Now throw on your clothes and shower at home. I’m in a big hurry.”

With this, Melissa walked around the room gathering her things, muttering profanities under her breath. As she threw on her clothes, she couldn’t shake the thought that Joey was acting weirder than usual. She looked around the room, checking to make sure that she had everything, and then stopped at the bathroom door and poked her head through.

“Joe?” she said.

“You’re still here?” he answered.

“Yes, I’m here. Call me later?”

He turned off the shower and grabbed a towel from the rack. “Of course, sweetheart. Now go home and stop worrying.”

Not fully convinced with his answer, she blew him a kiss and headed toward the door. He turned his attention to the fogged-up bathroom mirror and began wiping the moisture away with his hand. A few seconds later, he heard the motel door slam. Satisfied that everything was moving according to schedule, he finished finger-combing his hair and then walked into the other room, took his phone from his jacket pocket, and hit the speed dial.

“She finally left,” he said into the phone.

“It took long enough,” he snapped. “Dear God, I can’t wait for all this bullshit to be over.”

“Are we going to go through this again?”Joey answered, rolling his eyes.

“Again? How much longer is this going to take? My patience is running thin.”

“Look, I’m doing my best. This isn’t easy for me. Will you just relax?”

Neilson let out a long breath and then answered him. “Any time left on the room?”

Joey looked at his watch. “About three hours, why?”

“I’m on my way.”




We’re Born to Die


There’s only one thing in life that is true for every human on the planet, and that is, we’re born to die.

Why I was chosen to tell you this had me baffled at the time, and if anyone would have told me that my soul’s mission was to deliver this universal truth to mankind, I would have laughed and waved them away.  But here I am, detached from your world, about to embark on a journey that to most humans would seem utterly unfathomable.  But, getting back to this truth . . . It’s something that you need to know. Understanding and accepting it won’t be easy, as it’ll go against everything you’ve been conditioned to believe. Even my students at Columbia had a difficult time understanding it, and it was pounded into their heads every day. Explaining to them that we’re born to die, and that death is what we aspire to, was like trying to explain calculus to an infant: it wasn’t happening. It’s not that they weren’t fascinated or interested in learning it; they just couldn’t grasp the concept. Of course, while teaching them, they continually hounded me to present proof, but I had no literal proof at the time, as no human does. But after studying the greatest scholars and spiritual teachers, and after traveling around the world to further my studies, I formulated a belief based upon my experiences, and that belief is: there is life after death.

And I was correct.

It was Thursday, May 3, 7:52 a.m. when they pulled the plug and declared me officially dead. But I was gone long before that. You see, when a person’s hooked-up to a life support system, it’s that system keeping their vitals alive. The spirit leaves the body before it shuts down. It knows its time is up. And that’s what happened with me. A blinding white light came into my view and when I focused on it, I was ripped out of my body. It was a moment of euphoric revelation and freedom, one that I’d like for you to envision.

I could actually feel myself rising out of the confines of my imprisonment; ripping away from my robe of flesh, separating from it, like a butterfly separating from its chrysalis.  Gone were the shackles that made me a slave to my own life; those hurts and fears that kept me unfulfilled and oppressed. I was now free from their captivity—my body left behind; that lifeless, disease-filled corpse which would soon be buried and forgotten.

Now I ask you: could any human know the exuberance of this freedom? Could they understand how a butterfly emerges from a creature that can only crawl—how its metamorphic frame can lift gracefully into the air with just the flutter of its parchment wings? My soul now understands that to be a butterfly, it must first know its beginning; the genesis of its existence and the many stages it must experience in order to arrive at its full enlightenment.

As I crossed into the dimension known as the other side, I was able to see into the life I left behind—into those endless corridors that I once roamed, searching for that one door that would open; that one door that would lead me to happiness. While alive, I couldn’t find the door; I was blinded by my struggles. But from where I am now, the truth is so clear: life isn’t a punishment that has a pointless ending. Life is for learning. It’s about rising above the atrocities and emotional pains that are self-inflicted and creating our reality from within. And death? Death is part of the reason why we’re born. It’s the prize we get for enduring the trials of life. It’s what we aspire to on an unconscious level—something that no human can escape. Death is our reprieve. It allows us to look back on our mistakes so that we can grow. And, as we cross back to our natural state of spirit, we remember this. But in the physical world, all this knowledge is forgotten. It’s pushed down and buried under layers of living—deeply filtered by our subconscious and ego. We lose our perfectness when we’re born into the physical world—to the point where we grow into hateful, vengeful, greedy beings—known as man.

You see, man was created in God’s image so that man would enhance God’s own existence; so that man would expand space and perpetuate realities through his thoughts. But the image that man was created in wasn’t just the physical aspect of God; it was the mental aspect—the workings of God’s mind . . . His ability to create. Yes, God gave man the whole package, and included in the package was the freedom to make his own decisions. It’s called free will. And even though God knew every thought and action that man would ever have, He didn’t interfere with his decisions. He let man make his mistakes. He had to; it was a part of the plan. He called it lessons, and without them, the soul wouldn’t be able to evolve to its full potential.

But despite man being created in God’s image, he wasn’t made perfect; although, man believed that he was. Man believed that he could outthink God. He believed that he was it. He believed that all his ideas and dreams were born only to him. But I’ll let you in on a secret. Every aspect of man’s mind, from the most darkest and inconceivable thoughts to the most ingenious ideas, have already been a thought in the mind of God. Even man’s emotions were given to him for a reason. He didn’t just summons them into his gut; they’re a part of his navigational system—to guide him. When man gets off track with God, he feels sadness and a lack of purpose. Man was supposed to question these feelings so that God could guide him onto his path, but he didn’t. Instead, he disillusioned himself into believing that his sadness was caused from an outside source, such as lack of money or lack of love, but that was just his ego masking the truth. Man didn’t want to accept that there was something bigger and better than him. And although he knew it deep down, he chose not to deal with it by telling himself that if God were real then life would be perfect; and this gave him the reason to keep his ego alive. It made him powerful. It made him feel in control. But deep within man’s soul was a fact that he would never understand while in the physical world: he only existed because he was a part of the plan.

Yes, God deliberately made man. He gave him the ability to create his outside world through his thoughts. He gave him the power to communicate with Him by using a special part of his brain—the part that’s hidden behind his eyes, located between the two hemispheres. It’s what the prophets spoke of for thousands of years. It’s called the Pineal, and it’s the key that unlocks supernatural doors, enabling man to cross the threshold of the physical world to step into the beyond.

You see, man always had the ability to connect with God while living in the physical world, but he chose not to figure it out; because figuring it out would make him work too hard for something that he wasn’t sure of—for something that he couldn’t see or touch. It was knowledge that was innate, just waiting to be tapped into. God didn’t want it kept as a secret. He wanted man to reach for Him for all his answers, but man didn’t. He chose to look elsewhere, and God knew that this would happen. He knew that man would take the ring and run with it, believing that he had all the control.

Man indulged his ego to the point of self destruction. He allowed money, sex, and power to dictate his life. He blamed his decisions on his right to pursue happiness. He told himself that he had to take care of number one. His hypocritical reasoning used the idea of God when his life was good, and when his life was in chaos, he blamed God for deserting him. Man became cocky and shunned the one thing that was there for him all along. Not only didn’t man revere God, he no longer believed in Him.

What I’m about to tell you may fill you with uncertainty and apprehension. God isn’t some celestial ruler created by a bunch of religious scholars. And while all you people have been living a lie, living in your ego-filled worlds, an ethereal plan has been unfolding; a plan that will make the Book of Revelations look like a child’s tale.

Know this: Man was given two paths to choose from. He listened to his ego. Now they’re both going to pay.



This is a MUST, if you want to get your health back

Forgiving isn’t easy. In fact, it’s probably one of the hardest things to do. When someone has lashed out at us, or betrayed us, we get this anger that rushes through our bodies and into our heads, and the first thing we think is that we’ll never talk to that person again. Isn’t that the truth? So we harbor this resentment, and keep our anger towards this person in the forefront of our minds; after all, we have the right to be pissed at this person, and we have every right to show it. Don’t we? How dare they betray us! How dare they say those horrible things! We’re going to stay mad at them, and we’re not giving in. And we’re going to tell everyone we know about what this person had done to us and how they’ve ruined our lives. And we’re going to let it fester, and bubble, and grow, until it’s the biggest event since the birth of Jesus. AND WE WON’T CAVE! WE HAVE OUR GOD-GIVEN RIGHT TO STAY PISSED.
I know that anyone reading this has been there and done that. So here’s the deal. I’m going to break this down and hopefully dissect this so that you can understand why forgiving is the best thing you can do for yourself. Yes, for you–not for the person who has hurt you.

I always thought that forgiving someone would let the other person off the hook–that the person would think that whatever they had done was no big deal and that they had gotten away with hurting me. And this was my belief for most of my life. And when someone hurt me, I kept that anger alive and held onto it for years. But several years ago, when my connection to the other side was made, I was shown the truth about what happens to our minds, bodies, and to our lives when we don’t forgive.
Anger serves a purpose. It tells us that we’re off track with who we are. It tells us that someone invaded our right to be right. It tells us that someone humiliated us–disregarded our feelings–without caring. But why do we get so angry? Cheating, abandonment, and betrayals are big offenses towards the ego. When it happens to us, we’re crushed. And we’re supposed to feel the anger. Our anger was given to us as a guide. We’re supposed to acknowledge it, question why we’re so offended and hurt, and then let it go. But why?

Anger means that someone stepped into our egotistical space and challenged us. If you’ve studied the ego, you’ll learn that our ego wants to play the role of God, here on earth. It believes that it has full control. But it’s a facade. Ego is a defense mechanism, and according to the way we were raised and according to our core beliefs, the ego’s job is to protect our beliefs—regardless if our beliefs are on or off the actual truth. So when someone invades our ego’s space and does something that we have no control over, we torment ourselves because we can’t believe that we weren’t clever enough or intelligent enough to catch-on to the betrayal. We can’t get over the idea that another person would think that we weren’t good enough. But here’s the catch. Now listen very carefully. When someone does something to hurt you, it’s not you who they are attacking. It’s not about you–ever. They are thinking of themselves and what’s good for them. It’s their ego that is feeling crushed or bruised, and so, they will do whatever they have to do to repair it; and nine times out of ten that means seeking immediate gratification to boost the way they feel, regardless of who they’re hurting. It’s not about you. It’s never about you. It’s always about the other person. So it’s like a chain reaction. Each human is out for themselves. Yes! It’s a fact. No matter how you slice and dice it, the bottom line is that each human puts their needs first. They have to. It’s the way the physical world was created.

Now, when we don’t forgive, it affect our bodies and our minds. It causes mental and physical ailments. It’s been proven. Anger causes heart attacks, cancers, back aches, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, and the list is endless. So listen. If you understand what anger does to you, why keep it? You want to feel good every day of your life. You want to be happy and healthy. You want to live your one life the way it was meant to live. You come first in the eye of God. It’s your God-given birth right to create a spectacular life for yourself by learning about who you are and how you can pick and choose what’s best for you. Listen up. You can choose to not let someone’s betrayal affect you. It’s a choice. And it’s a great thing to be able to choose to let it go or not let it go. By letting it go, and understanding that people are people doing whatever they have to do to get through the day, then you’ll understand that it’s never about you. It’s always about them. And if you really think about it, even you do what you have to do–every single time. You may think that you’re being unselfish by putting someone’s needs first, but deep down, you’re putting someone’s needs first because you want them to like you. This is deep. This is huge. This is worth learning and accepting. When you learn about who you are and why you are and why you’re here, you can learn to forgive. Let the anger go. It’s never really about you. It may seem that it is, but it’s the other person’s insecurities than drive them to do what they do. You were just in the way of the bullet. Let it go. Look to God and He’ll show you the way. I swear this to you. Dissect your anger and learn the reason why you’re really mad and then ask God to help you. Do it for you, because you come first, and because you’re worth it.

Read Master of the Realm if you want to read a story of hurts and betrayals. If I can forgive, you can forgive.

You’re NOTHIN’ without your money

Will somebody please explain this to me. Why do people with money look down at the rest of us?

I got to thinking about this last night. I woke up about 3 a.m. with this very profound thought. I don’t know where it came from–perhaps I was dreaming and it woke me? Anyway, I woke up picturing a huge stage where several rich people were standing in a line. There wasn’t an audience, and there weren’t any props.
Then, one by one, each of them had their money taken away. Their jewelry vanished. Their homes and cars were gone. All the people in their lives, who kissed up to them because of their wealth, walked away. They were stripped of everything except of their clothes. Suddenly they were like all the rest of us, and they felt belittled and ashamed. Their heads hung as the harsh truth washed over them.

They were now faced with the understanding that their money was the only factor in giving them their value. Without their money, they weren’t important. They couldn’t buy favors. They couldn’t buy friendships. And even worse, they couldn’t buy their character.

Someone tell me, please. Do people with money actually believe that they’re above the rest? Or did they forget that their money is what buys them their power? I have to be honest. I have been around very wealthy people who had about as much class as a first-grader. Their homes and cars were messy and their intelligence and attitudes lacked finesse. The fact that they had money wasn’t a bad thing, but somewhere down the line they lost their humbleness and believed that they were above reproach. Well, I have two words to say on that . . . bull poopie!

There are millions of people who aren’t rich, who are brilliantly gifted in various areas of life, who shine way above some of these rich folks. Don’t let anyone fool you. A small percent of Americans are wealthy, but does that mean that they’re better then everyone else because of it?

I want everyone in this world to be wealthy. I believe that there is enough to go around. But really, people, if you get money, remember one thing. If the day ever comes where you’re standing on a stage, getting stripped down to the bare truth, don’t come running to those who you’ve treated poorly. Learn the value of life. Step away from the money and take a long, hard look around. We come in this world without it, and we leave without it. What does that make a rich person? It makes them just like the rest of us.

Take every human on this planet and line them up shoulder to shoulder. Strip them of everything. Do you know what you’d have? You’d have equality! That’s what you’d have.

Hey, I don’t wake up in the middle of the night for nothing. Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say.

Fear of the Unknown Valentine deFrancis

The Doors


I was walking down a very deserted road. It was dark and still, and the air thick with perfumed grass of the moistened soil under my feet. The fog was so cold, and I was alone. There wasn’t anyone to phone or call out to, or to hold me while I quaked in fear.
The mist was confusing, and I squinted and strained my eyes to see. My steps were small and cautioned for fear that I would fall. Yet as I walked through this dreamlike state, I knew that eventually I would stumble upon it–I knew it in my gut. I sensed it deep within. There wasn’t a doubt. It was now here.The light from the lamp post shined, making the air look white, and although I was filled with uncertainty of what I’d find, the frightening truth was I had to choose. It was time. There was no turning back. I stood before it, my shadow tall. I couldn’t go any further until I stepped forward. Before me they appeared–massive structures hovering through the universe. Two doors. Two paths to the unknown. Two decisions that would make or break my life. My mind’s eye could no longer see or discern from either of them. They were identical. The ghostly fear of the unknown was larger than life, mocking me, smirking, and making me think twice.



But which door holds my life, the life that promises joy and love, and freedom from fear and doubt? Which door will redeem me for past crimes that I have committed? Which door will lead me down the path of promise–to the land of knowing? Why am I so afraid to choose? What will happen to me if I’m wrong?My hands shook uncontrollably, and my heart pounded through my chest–each door was so unknowingly alluring and inticing, yet dangerous enough to cause me death. I took another step forward, now muttering to the Lord to help. The decision was too much to handle, because if I was incorrect in choosing, what would happen? What would become of me? Would I end up in the pit of hell or shunned by humanity?
“Oh Father,” I cried, louder than I had wanted. “Why am I so afraid to open either door? You offer me two, so one of them must be for the good … but which one, tell me? I can’t do any more. I can’t lose this battle!”

I didn’t get an answer, but instead I cried out again. “Father, what lies beyond these doors? Why must I choose life or death? Why are you making me decide? If you love me, you would just lead me–you would just tell me which way to go. You are supposed to be helping me, yet now, when I need you the most, all I can see are these two doors. There are no markings, no words of caution, just two doors that I must open. But what if I open one and it has no floor, and I fall through space and time, at speeds that will torment me as I crush in the pits of destruction? Oh Father please! Tell me what to do. What is this going to prove? My heart is good and my intentions are loving. Can’t you just tell me what lies ahead?”

And then I took another step and with trepidation and fear, I reached my hand out to turn the knob that belonged to the door on the right. And I was almost there, my hand a fraction of an inch away, when I confusingly turned to look at the other door and reached for that one instead. And as I turned my head from right to left, and then from left to right, I cried at how I was so afraid to know what lied ahead. Yet I knew I had to make the decision and quickly, because the earth that I was standing on was receding, getting smaller and narrower, and I could hear the mountains crumbling and smell the molten lava burning the brush, and soon I would not have the safety and security that I always knew.
The sweat was dripping down my temples, and my body trembled involuntarily as I put my hand on the knob once more. And for the last time I cried out louder than I did before and yelled, “Father, I love you. I only wanted to do good and be loved. I cannot make my mind choose correctly, so I will have to go on faith. And Father, please understand that if I have chosen the wrong door, then forgive me, because I love you, and only wanted to do what was right. Father, I am going to open this door, and just know that I believe in you.”

And I held onto the knob with all my might, and looked down at my feet and saw that there wasn’t a ground–nothing but light–no sound to be heard–my time had come and there was nothing I could do but walk through. And when I crossed the threshold, I opened my eyes and looked–the road was there, and I could smell the moistened grass, and I could hear the peacefulness of the sun rising and see the promise of the future. And I suddenly knew that the only thing that kept me from moving through was my own fear.



Doors are meant to be opened. Thresholds are made to be crossed. If we don’t take chances and grab every opportunity, big or small, we will never know what we are capable of. Our faith in God must be in the fact that He will never let us fall–not even in our darkest hour.

Valentine deFrancis.© 2008 valentine defrancis all rights reserved


Are You Able to Walk Away From Love


Do you like yourself? Wait. Let me rephrase that. Do you love yourself?

Did you know that you, the creation of God, are supposed to love yourself? Did you know that? Some people are raised to believe that putting everyone’s needs before their own makes them a good person. But that is the furthest from the truth. If you think about how God made you, and if you think about how special you are to Him and that you are a part of Him, wouldn’t it make sense that He would want you to love yourself? Because loving yourself would mean that you respect and cherish His work. Think about that for a minute.

To take it a bit deeper, if you don’t take care of yourself and you have many problems, and are abusing your body and mind, what good are you to your family, friends, and more importantly, to God? If you have children, how can you care for them the right way if you don’t care about yourself? Loving yourself is what we are supposed to do. That’s right. That means we come first before everyone else, including the kids. We must take care of our physical health, mental health, and our needs. Without these things, how can we care for anyone else? We are to take care of us first because that shows God that we treasure Him; it also shows Him that we love Him above anything because He is us, and we are Him. If that sounds confusing it’s not. If He creates then we are the creations. If He gives us life then He is our lifelines. So if we don’t take care of us first then we are neglecting, He, who gave us life. We must come first in every aspect.

Now please don’t take this out of its context. I’m not telling anyone to neglect their children or family. I’m saying that unless you love you and cherish everyday of your life, how can you teach and give true love to anyone else? Caring about you means not taking abuse, as well. When we love ourselves we step away from abusive relationships. We step away from poisonous situations. We tell ourselves that life is too short and that we only have one. We examine what we feel and acknowledge that we are entitled to feel it; thereby understanding that we aren’t some anonymous creature who should take a back seat to anything. We are entitled to it all; each and everyone of us. We are supposed to love ourselves enough to know that love, money, success, friends, health, and well being are our inherent rights. When did this idea about being at the bottom of the barrel mean that we are being Godly? I don’t know what kind of God you know, but the God that I know says that we are to inherit the earth; and I’m getting what’s mine. If you love yourself you would understand this.
If God made this world and all the riches in it, then He made it for those who dare to step out and take it; for those who believe that they are deserving of it. Don’t you see? We aren’t supposed to take abuse from anyone or anything; not even from ourselves.

Do you love yourself? If you don’t, start reading up on how to learn it. Start praying and asking for divine direction. God wants you to put yourself first; that’s the most important aspect. That shows Him that you love Him enough to keep your connection with Him. When we lose our connection with Him, we lose ourselves. Do you follow me? Loving Him and staying bonded to him requires that you take good care of yourself, on purpose. And when you do that He knows that you think He’s worth it.

Listen, I’m not just spewing some philosophical jibber at you. I have read many books, researched many areas concerning well-being, I have prayed and meditated on it. I have dug deep to find the truth, and I still am. I will never be satisfied with just one answer. I want to hear it all, know it all, and be it all. And isn’t that what we are here for? I will read a dozen books from the greatest minds of today, and I will take what I can from each book, mull it over, try to practice it, and then form my own theory about how to connect to God, about how to love myself even more, and about how I am deserving of all good things. Now that’s what loving yourself means. Trying to be the best you that you can be. And you owe it to yourself to put you and your needs first–not in a narcissistic way, but in the Godly way.

Hey. I’m a creation of God, and I deserve the best. And I’m worth it!


©valentine defrancis. all rights reserved


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Master of the Realm: How the Spirit World Led Me to My Purpose
By Valentine deFrancis


Spirits exist and I’m not crazy

Master of the Realm



If anyone had told me that I’d be writing this book, I would have laughed and just blown them off. Writing a book based on God wasn’t a feasible or even a fathomable notion, yet if I didn’t live through what you’re about to read, I never would have believed it myself.

To be honest and to the point, I never believed in God. As far as I was concerned, He was an epitomized celestial ruler created by the people who wrote the Bible. But then my life spun out of control. I was hit over the head with some hardcore problems, and when I came to, some very supernatural and unexplainable occurrences began to take place. As these chains of events unfolded, my doubt slowly turned into belief, and what I believed to be all in my mind turned out to be divine intervention. Now, for the first time in my life I believe, and if there’s one thing that I can be certain of, it’s this: If you’re reading this, then it was His divine plan for you to do so.

I have to admit, I was always an obsessive person with an analytical naturenever one to engage in anything that negated my reasoning process. More to the point, if it didn’t make sense then I dismissed the thought. Even cartoons or animated shows turn me off. So naturally, having something so fantastic yet unrealistic take place put me in a position to wonder about my sanity. But ever since that day when my mother handed me the rosary beads, which once belonged to my father, I found myself in a quandary. Should I pray or would it be just another waste of time?


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