We Are the Illusion

Custom Book Cover Val 2 Official Ebook    The trick is successful when the perceiver perceives the illusion   as an illusion and never comes to realize that it’s not.







Five strangers’ lives are turned upside down when an angel delivers the news that they’ve been chosen as God’s future saviors.
Buried within the mountains of Saudi Arabia are five sacred scrolls, each bearing the name of God’s future saviors. But when a conniving archeologist discovers the holy texts, he ignores their warnings in an attempt to make millions off them. Unfortunately, scamming money from three dangerous investors and then telling them the scrolls were destroyed in a fire, doesn’t sit well with them, and now the head of the dig fears for his life.
Meanwhile, the future saviors must have their scrolls for their anointing to take place. Only they’ve been hidden by the archeologist and now must be found.
The world as we know it is about to change. By the eve of the next full moon, a plan will be revealed—a plan that makes the Book of Revelations seem like a child’s tale.
What was perceived as the grandest truth in human history turns out to be the biggest scam ever created.

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House of Intention — excerpt


 My eyes popped open as the familiar scary sound entered my consciousness. Footsteps were creeping toward my bedroom. I quickly and quietly jumped out of the bed and tiptoed over to my bedroom door, and with trembling legs and pounding heart, listened. The footsteps were getting closer. It’ll be like the last time, I yelled to myself, trying to remain calm. You’ll see. Just open the door! I swallowed a deep breath and counted. One. Two. Three.  No one was there. 

There’s nothing more unnerving than being alone in your home and seeing a dark shadowy figure whip past your peripheral vision. The moment fills you with a spine-tingling apprehensiveness; a feeling that causes you to move cautiously from room to room, searching for something you’ll never find.

The first time I was alone in my four-story townhome and heard footsteps on the floor above me—when I knew for a fact no one was home—left me paranoiac, to say the least. I was in my family room located on the first floor, watching TV and folding laundry, when I heard it. As the stairs above me creaked, I could feel the saliva leaving my mouth. I jumped off the couch and strained to listen. There was definitely someone walking on the floor above me. Suddenly panicked, I eyed the phone on the other side of the room, and made a mad dash over to it to call the police. But at that exact moment, the phone rang, and because of its impeccable timing, I was afraid to pick it up. By the second ring, I got up my nerve to answer it, and as I did, the channel on the TV changed. My house had become a hotbed of chaotic activity. And what added to it? When I answered the phone, no one was there. 

Anyone I talk to says the same thing. The very thought of a ghost conjures images of hazy, milky entities roaming castle hallways and big, old Victorian homes. These seemingly-real forms have been spotted by doorways, or standing by windows, or floating down a dimly lit staircase. Many people claim to have had face-to-face encounters with these ghosts, and because of it, paranormal movies and TV shows have become increasingly popular over the last few years.  

I’d always believed that when a person died, they simply vanished into nothingness. The light of their consciousness slowly dimmed until it completely fizzled out. I hadn’t given thought as to whether they could come back to the physical world to visit. But I found out they did visit. They lingered the earthly plane, transparent and bloodless in their plight, searching for something they needed or left behind. In my case, it was me.

Throughout history, people have spoken of things which aren’t of this world. Epic tales get acted-out over roaring campfires, all in an effort to stir the imagination of the listener. We all love a good scare now and then, don’t we?  It’s edgy. It’s a thrill. It’s like a high-adrenaline rush; where escaping the clutches of danger is the reward. A good scare is fun, providing of course, that we come out of it unscathed. And when we do come out of it, we laugh and high-five each other. But deep down, our laugh is a cover-up for the truth of what could have happened

House of Intention–my obsession into the deep

House of Intention–my obsession into the deep

‘Master of the Realm is an amazing true story about a young woman’s relapse with agoraphobia and the supernatural signs she begins to receive when she begs God for His help.’ 

Master of the Realm was just the beginning. It was the stepping stone for greater things. Writing it was not only cathartic, it was a lesson. Since publishing it, not only have God’s signs gotten bigger, more powerful, and twice as meaningful, the whole ordeal got me to study the one thing people fear the most, and that’s death.

As you read House of Intention, please allow yourself to drift into the unknown. Give yourself permission to ponder the idea that every element of life, every breath of it, each atom that makes up each living cell, is about you, your soul, the other side, and God. That’s it. There is nothing else in this existence that matters other than yourself and the very fact that your mind creates your life.                                 

                                                                                            Valentine deFrancis

Master of the Realm is Free on Amazon today

I told you I’d give you a free download of Master of the Realm, and I’m a person who keeps her word. For today and tomorrow you’ll be able to download your free copy of Master of the Realm on Amazon. Consider it my late Valentine’s Day present to you

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