Your emphasis is on moving up. You don’t understand how you can achieve this when you’re caught in what seems like a no-win situation. Please take 15 minutes, three times a day, to calm your mind, giving it instruction to focus on the Creator, who gives all, and not on how your feats will be achieved.
When you continually ask how something will be achieved, you are blocking that thing from coming to you.

All your money, all your love, your health, and your relationships come from within, not from someone outside. If you understand that only God, the creator, can arrange for all your comforts to come to you, you will let go of the idea that you must bow to others to get what you want


#Ineedmoney #Angel message

You’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing. Money is your main focus and it’s there, waiting for you to allow it in. You have the ideas, now you have to take action. Your fear of not being qualified enough is just that… a fear. It holds no value other than to keep you from taking that first step.

Money is waiting. Blow up the wall and walk through it confidently.

Black Friday’s A-Commin’ but There’s a Better Bargain Day

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In just four more days, a whirlwind of back-stabbings and deceitery is going to be in your town. It’s going to start from 12 a.m. Thanksgiving night and will end, whenever. Get your credit cards ready. On your mark, get set, GO! Black Friday is here and it’s your last chance for getting a bargain in 2011.

So, okay. I know what Black Friday stands for in the retail end of things. But remember what happened two years ago? People actually died. And I wrote about it last year, and I’m writing about it now, and in my mind I just can’t fathom why businesses don’t give these outrageous discounts all year long so that they don’t have to freak-out about being in the red come year-end. Seriously. Black Friday is such a psychological head game that I can’t believe that no one is smart enough to catch-on and  just say screw-em. But alas, there is that discount, and it’s a good discount that simply can’t be ignored. Or could it?

The lines will begin forming around one in the morning and will snake around the stores and into their parking lots. The countdown will begin and everyone will be on their toes. Hearts will pound. Adrenaline will flow. Saliva will drip.  And the beast will be ready to pounce on the poor schnook who has to open the doors. Good grief. Think about it. Great bargains. Spending money. Are we really saving? You want to know when you’re going to save money? You’ll save money in January, the day after New Year’s.

I’m not going to say anything more about Black Friday. You know the deal, or at least you think you do. But if you really want deals, New Years’ Day, kids. That’s the day. And don’t let anyone tell you different.

While you’re killing yourselves on Black Friday, I’ll be chillin’, waiting for the real bargain day of the year.

Have fun!

Why The Law of Attraction Isn’t Working For You

I’ve studied the mind for more than half my life, and I consider myself an expert in the field of anxiety disorders. I’ve conquered agoraphobia twice in twenty-four years with the use of my mind, and I know why our minds do what they do and how to repair the problem. So when I tried to put The Secret into use and was coming up with zero results, I had to know the reason. I prayed and meditated, and asked God to give me the reasons why it wasn’t working for me. And He did. He led me to read many books on the subject, and I now have the answers. I am going to tell you, straight-up, why The Secret, The Laws of Attraction, and any other books you’ve read haven’t worked for you. Here we go.

The reason why these books and courses haven’t worked is because they are witholding the fundamental truth. They’ve selectively omitted certain words that are crucial for the understanding of it. They haven’t used the words, SUBCONSCIOUS BELIEFS, anywhere. They haven’t stated that your core beliefs are responsible for all your manifestations. They haven’t stated that you must find out what these core beliefs are, and then change them, if you want to manifest your desires. The law of attraction is dictated by the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND AND ONLY THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. What this means is simple: you can consciously think positive thoughts all day long, but unless your core beliefs (your subconscious) line up with your thoughts and desires, you’re wasting your time and energy. It’s a simple fact that The Secret doesn’t exactly tell you. Yes, The Secret tells you that you have to believe in order for it to work, but it doesn’t tell you that your core beliefs are responsible for what you are manifesting. It doesn’t say that what you believe underneath is how the universal laws are governed.

Take a look at your life. If you’ve been practicing The Secret, and it’s been a few months, and you’re still broke, still over weight, still alone, then something is definitely wrong. If you’ve been thinking wonderful and positive thoughts and nothing’s happened, then you have to ask yourself why. The reason is simple. The law of attraction is a universal law that’s always perfect, either way. It doesn’t discriminate and it won’t give you an argument. If your core beliefs are negative, then you will attract just that. If they’re positive, then you’ll attract just that. This law is constant and never changing. This is how the physical world operates. Your life as you live it, right this very second, is the manifestation of what your subconscious believes. It’s what you believe about yourself and about your life that governs what you’re attracting. So if you were a heavy kid who was constantly ridiculed and made fun of, who didn’t have friends because of your weight, then I can bet that your subconscious belief about yourself is that you’re a fat, no-good loser, who will never be thin and successful. Don’t believe me? The proof is in how you’re living your life. If you’ve been practicing The Secret and still haven’t lost weight, then something is holding back the progress. Your outter life is the result of what your subconscious is dictating–EVERY TIME, EVERY DAY, ALL DAY, NO EXCEPTIONS—EVER.

Now, I know there are hundreds of books, lectures, seminars, and courses that teach the tricks of the trade to get you to manifest your desires more quickly and easily. They want you to pay big money to learn what is inherent in each of you. You each hold the knowledge and key to healing yourselves and to reaching your goals and dreams. So why are these gurus making billions of dollars? Because they know the deal and are dangling the carrot in front of your noses, desperately trying to get you to buy their products. I’m all for making money; we have to have money. But here’s what gets me: people across the world need help. We need each other. If I can help you change your life, I’m going to, without charging you. I’m a writer and I write books. Yes, I want to make money off my books. That’s my career. And if I’m writing fiction or truth, I’m giving you my all–no holds bar. But claiming that you’re trying to help people, and are only giving them PART OF THE CURE, well, to me, that’s equivelent to foreplay without the main event. We need help from people who truly want to help us. I know that these gurus want to make their money, but they should be telling you everything . . . all the words, all the key points, not just a piece of the puzzle, leaving you wondering what you’re doing wrong.

Listen, you’re not doing anything wrong. All you need to do is start digging into your life. Begin by being honest with yourself about how you really feel about life and about yourself. Write it down and really examine it. When you unmask the truths about how you feel about money, success, love, and your body, then you can begin to change these negative core beliefs with positive affirmations and meditations that will reprogram those damaging negative beliefs into constructive positive beliefs. And when you begin to change your core beliefs, which nine out of ten times aren’t true, which were planted by circumstances and good meaning parents, you can then start the process of deliberate intention of manifesting good things.

You’ve been searching for answers everywhere. You’ve spent countless hours online, looking at web sites that are trying to sell you their products. You click on the site, and then scroll through five pages of promises, only to have you hanging at the end. They don’t divulge the answers. So you buy the product and are still left with questions. Don’t you find it amazing how all these gurus are coming out of the woodwork promising you that they know what The Secret didn’t tell you? And most of these gurus were mentioned in The Secret! Why didn’t they tell us everything in the book?

Listen, please. This is coming from my heart. Deliberate manifestation will not work if what you’re wishing for is going against what you believe deep inside. I repeat: THE LAW OF ATTRACTION WILL NOT WORK, IT WILL NOT WORK, NO MATTER WHAT, NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE, IF YOUR WISHES ARE GOING AGAINST WHAT YOU BELIEVE ABOUT YOURSELF.

Black Friday is a plot, I tellya

Black Friday. Why is the Friday after Thanksgiving called that? Why didn’t they name it Red Friday or Shop-till-you-drop Friday? Does anyone know? Well, I know. The Friday after Thanksgiving, and all the super-duper discounts that the retailers are giving, is a plot. That’s right. It’s nothing more than a psychological plot created by the retailers to ensure that they stay out of the red. Seriously. Are we that naive? The retailers should be giving us these so-called miraculous discounts throughout the year. Maybe if they did, they wouldn’t panic at the end of the year.
They give these tremendous, hurry-to-the-mall, discounts because they’re clearing out all their inventory for the year. In other words, they’re desperate to show an increase on their ledger sheets; whereby, keeping their books in ‘the black’ instead of being in the ‘red’. Get it? They named the Friday after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, as a symbol for staying profitable. Clever. Yes. Now I see. Maybe everyone knows this and I’m the last one to figure it out, but just in case you didn’t know it, now you do.

They have to get up prit-ty early in the morning to get over on this chickie. Hey, wait. They did.

You’re living in a trailer while they get rich off of you

I don’t know how this world got to be so out of balance, but I think everyone needs to take a step back and reevaluate who’s in control. First, I’d like you to answer these few questions.

1–Who puts the president into office?
2–Who makes movie stars and musicians famous?
3–Who shops in all the stores in this country?
4–Who buys gas at the gas stations?

If you’ve answered, WE THE PEOPLE, then you’re half way there. If we can make these institutions rich, and give them power and control, then we can take it away just as easily. It is this nation, as a whole, who’s given the government, the media, the retailer, not to mention the oil refineries, their wealth. We’ve let the government take over our lives. They tax our income and after they tax our income, we have to claim the interest that we earn on our savings. They tax our land, our bridges and tunnels, and they tax our utilities. What isn’t taxed? Now here’s my question. Why are we being taxed on things that have been paid for a thousand times over?

Let’s take the Verrazano Bridge in Staten Island, NY, for example. Now, two years ago, statistics said that on the average, 195,000 cars travel over the Verrazano each day. Now, each year or just about, the cost to cross the Verrazano is raised. It now costs 11 dollars to cross the bridge. If we take 195,000 cars per day and times it by 11 dollars, that would make $2,145,000.00 that the bridge brings in each day. Now, if we take $2,145,000 a day and times it by 365 days in a year then that would be a total of $7,829,250,000.00 HELLLLOOOOOOO? That’s for one year, and I didn’t even factor in vehicles with more than four axles or increase in traffic.
This bridge has been open since 1964. If we allow for population growth and toll increases throughout the years, well, do I really have to spell it out for you? What have they done with all this money? And here’s the kicker . . . Staten Island residents have to pay the toll, as well. The only benefit we get by being a resident is that we pay half price. Well I say phooey! We pay property taxes, city taxes, sneezing taxes, and don’t forget the farting taxes. Isn’t that enough?

I’m sick of seeing money being spent on power struggles. I’m sick of seeing it being wasted on war. I say, screw the war and let’s start taking care of us. We need help. We need to reconstruct the system. We have to help those who are less fortunate. Who gives a shit about fighting? We’re all going to die sooner or later. Why fight over power. It’s just a phallic thing for these assholes.
Come on guys. We are the ones giving these people the power. If we would stick together and exercise our right to choose, they would crumble. Don’t you see? We have choices. We can vote or not vote. We can buy from a retailer or not buy. We hold the power. Think about it. If we exercise our right to choose, they’ll go down. And they will. Because history always repeats itself.

The Secret was never a secret—

The average person believes that they must go to a doctor to get well. After all, this is what they’ve been brain washed into believing since they were old enough to understand life. Doctors are a staple in our lives for the purpose of feeling good. We as a nation, or better yet, as a world, go to doctors for every little ailment–from a cold to cancer. We rely on our doctors to get us fixed up. We spend billions of dollars and expect these doctors to be God. We go to therapists to fix our minds and listen to what THEY believe is right. People, come on. Doctors are only people who’ve gone to school to get a license to give us their opinions which are solely based on case studies and people-tested remedies. It doesn’t make them gods.

Now I’m not knocking the medical industry. They’ve made tremendous strides in many areas, and can certainly help us. But did you know that you can heal yourself of anything? Oh you didn’t? Then read this.

We aren’t supposed to be sick. We weren’t born to be sick. If our bodies heal cuts and minor illnesses all on their own, without us giving much thought to it, then why can’t we heal other illnesses that are bigger? It’s all in the power of belief and what we were taught to think. I have read dozens of books about the subconscious mind. I have studied anxiety disorders for over twenty years. I have had agoraphobia twice in my life and beat it without drugs, and the second time without any help at all. You see, our thoughts are pure energy which if used improperly can manifest negative outcomes in our lives, including sickness. Most people who suffer from back problems, stomach issues, allergies, anxiety disorders, and even heart attacks are people who have habitual negative thoughts. Now don’t get me wrong. I know these illnesses are real, but it’s our thoughts that are to blame.

Another point that I want to make is this: When we have problems that we don’t want to face or deal with, they manifest as symptoms in our bodies. Inner conflict can show up as a skin rash, acne, back pain, headaches, and even hemorrhoids. And avoidance of dealing with inner conflicts can lead to ulcers, cancers, and other symptoms that are internal that we can’t see. I know that a doctor would debate me on this, and I would expect that. The medical industry has a lot to lose if people educated themselves. Stress is a killer, but it’s how we deal with it and what we think about our lives and ourselves that determine the outcome of our health.

When I was in a full-blown agoraphobic relapse, I was physically sick with stomach aches, heart palpitations, rapid heart rate, panic attacks, depression, and the list goes on. My thoughts everyday were habitual and negative. I kept telling myself I would never get better and that I would end up in a hospital. Once I began to pray and meditate, I began receiving information that led me to the truth and understanding that it’s our negative thoughts that keep us sick. Once I took this information and did more research on the power of the mind and what we can do with it, with the guidance of the other side, I made tremendous strides in becoming well. I turned my negative thoughts into positive thoughts that eventually changed my direction and my health.

Here is a small list of books which had a tremendous impact on me. I took what I could from these books and applied the principals. All of these books have the same premise and that is ‘what you think you shall become’.

The Bible. If you read the Bible, which was written over 2000 years ago, you will see formulas used to overcome the negative thoughts we have. It is written in the Bible that what we believe in we will receive. It is written that what we pray upon will come true. It is written that if we seek we shall find. What this means, if you break it down, is that we have a God given power to manifest every single thing in our lives. Our thoughts, which are energy, move throughout the universe and create either a negative or positive manifestation, depending on if it’s a negative or positive thought. This is a fact.

Another powerful book that I’ve read is The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer. Again, a book based on the deliberate intent of thinking in a positive manner.

Two books by Esther and Jerry Hicks. The Law of Attraction, and Money and the Law of Attraction.

Seth Speaks and The Seth Material by Jane Roberts.

Read any book by Deepak Chopra

The Secret; it doesn’t delve into the exact how’s and why’s but it’s a decent platform to begin with.

I’ve read books by scientists and specialists. I’ve taken their theories, applied what worked best for me, and formulated my own ideas. Let me explain something to you. When I got sick, I was so desperate to get well that I did whatever I could to get well. I prayed and meditated and talked to God so much that what I began to notice was that my inner self talk was changing. My words were turning into words of love and appreciation. After all, who talks to God in a nasty tone? So the more I talked to God in my loving way, the more I saw myself feeling better. Because if you really think about it, what you think and say in your head, no matter who you think you’re saying it to, is really affecting YOU. You are actually talking to yourself and absorbing it all. This in and of itself begins the process of thought reprogramming, which in turn will make you think differently, which in turn will change your direction into how you think and handle things.

When you use loving, kind words in your mind or out loud, you begin to believe it. You begin to accept it, and by accepting it, you begin to subconsciously love yourself.

People, this is big. This is deep. You can heal yourself of anything. Read. Read as many books as you can. Learning is the key. Take charge of your life and your health.