Master of the Realm

Master of the Realm is an amazing true story about how I connected with the spirit world while in a desperate attempt to rid myself of agoraphobia.

As my anxiety disorder and panic attacks grew worse, I turned to the one thing that I didn’t believe in … God. Through the power of prayer, I opened the door to the spirit world not knowing that a divine intervention was about to take place.

What most people don’t realize is that we have the God-given ability to heal ourselves of anything. It’s our thought processes that dictate the direction of our lives and our health. Think about this. When you get a cut, your cut heals within days. You know it will and you don’t worry over it. You have faith that it will heal because you’ve seen cuts heal throughout your life. The same holds true for a cold and other minor ailments. The thing that screws us up is our non-belief in the fact that we can heal ourselves of the bigger things, such as organ diseases, disorders, and even cancer.

Under hypnosis, paralyzed people were able to stand up and walk. What does that say? It says that what holds us back from all things is our conscious belief that we can’t do these things or that we can’t heal ourselves.

When I got sick with agoraphobia at the age of 24, I didn’t think about God. I didn’t think about “inner self”. In fact, I didn’t think about much because I was young and ignorant. When I suffered with a relapse 20 years later, you better believe I was desperate to get well. But it went deeper than that. There were many underlying issues that hadn’t been dealt with which contributed to my relapse. Never the less, I was sick and I thought my life was over. And that’s how it started. That’s when I found all the answers to my life’s questions, especially the answer to healing.
I am now agoraphobic free and I did it by reconditioning my thought processes–hence, I healed myself.

I know my story will fill you with hope. I wrote it in three parts–taking you through my life and how I dealt with childhood abuse, my bad choices in men, my anxiety disorder, and the stunning signs that I began to receive from the other side.

There is God. There is life after death. There is another side who is reachable and who will guide you. All you have to do is seek it and believe . . . and that’s when the miracles will unfold. It costs absolutely nothing and you have everything to gain.

If you’ve never believed in spirits, ghosts, or life after death, you will when you read Master of the Realm.

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2 Replies to “Master of the Realm”

  1. Great topic. This is something I struggle with, but know I shouldn’t. Have you ever watched any of the videos from Oprah’s Lifeclass? They are all on…but there is one episode which talks about JK Rowling and Jim Carrey. These two people have one thing in common: they never stopped believing in themselves or their dreams.

    That entire section of videos on her website fascinated me…and from the synopsis of your book– I can tell it would interest you as well! Thank you for sharing your story.

  2. Hi Valerie,

    Since my relapse in 2004, I’ve searched high and deep for all types of answers. I’ve read dozens (and that’s no exaggeration) of books from the greatest masters and practiced modalities to conquer fears and subconscious beliefs. I’ve learned that there’s only one way to evolvement and one way to conquer anxiety and that’s through one’s self. You’d be surprisied how many millions of people suffer from this.

    Thank you for taking the time to read about Master of the Realm. I truly appreciate it. 🙂

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