Five strangers’ lives are turned upside down when an angel delivers the news that they’ve been chosen as God’s future saviors.
Buried within the mountains of Saudi Arabia are five sacred scrolls, each bearing the name of God’s future saviors. But when a conniving archeologist discovers the holy texts, he ignores their warnings in an attempt to make millions off them. Unfortunately, scamming money from three dangerous investors and then telling them the scrolls were destroyed in a fire, doesn’t sit well with them, and now the head of the dig fears for his life.
Meanwhile, the future saviors must have their scrolls for their anointing to take place. Only they’ve been hidden by the archeologist and now must be found.
The world as we know it is about to change. By the eve of the next full moon, a plan will be revealed—a plan that makes the Book of Revelations seem like a child’s tale.
What was perceived as the grandest truth in human history turns out to be the biggest scam ever created.

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