Here we are once again, almost another year gone by. Looking back over this last year, and observing what I’ve accomplished, I’d have to say I have plenty to be grateful for.

 My life has meaning because of who I am. And it’s because of who I am that I am grateful. The “I AMs” in this existence of life belong to me and to each of you. Each person on this planet can claim “I AM”. And with that beautiful statement, consisting of the two most powerful words in this physical world, it’s my hope that each of you will attach meaningful, positive, loving words to those two most powerful words of I AM.

 Everyday of your only life should begin with I AM made in God’s image.

 Everyday of your only life should be spoken with beauty. I AM beautiful inside and out.

 And everyday of your only life should be held with the utmost respect. I AM deserving of all good things.

 Speak kindly and lovingly about yourself. You represent your creator, here on this plane of existence. And as such, you are perfect even if you feel flawed. Say I AM me, and I love who I am.


I wish you all peace, love, and abundance for 2013.

I AM Valentine deFrancis, and I AM grateful to know all of you.



3 Replies to “#CHRISTMAS 2012”

  1. Hi Val,you are just right and I will tell you something ,speaking about “I AM”.
    For long time my mother’s influence was hudge,and it wasn’t good at all.Even until a few month ago
    when I was looking my reflexion in the mirror,I was seeing my mother,the features’s face and all I lived when I was younger came back like a boomrang.And meanwhile I was telling evryday “I am,I am part of God,I am joy,happiness,Love..and so on,each day,I can swear it..and it helped me .And don’t remember exactly when ,know its a few month ago,I told myself that I was I ,Valerie,until the deep inside of my body,my decisions,my life,and for nothing I was my mother or my sister!
    And thinking about that and with aceptance of my own person (without being selfish ,of course..),it was if a small cheap inside my head turn on and waouh!!!! the light arrives.. and I decided that every day I will have to say ” I am I..Valerie,I am I ,I am part of God..and so on..” just with insistance,almost obstination,because I realised I was I,as each of us we are unique and our life is not the life of our parents or who ever,even if we have familly’s features,we are we,like just wrote Valentine: “I AM I”.
    Valentine thank you for being who you are and for your advices and for writing words with such sens.Love .Besitos.XX.

    1. You’re a beautiful person, Valerie and I am happy you’re my friend. I care about you and you know you can always talk to me privately. Besitos x0x


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