Time . . . the ultimate illusion

Why the calendar with my name written across it? To remind me that every day of the week, of every day of my life, it’s about fulfilling my dreams and making my life all about me–-about choosing what’s best for me and jumping on every opportunity to make things happen.

This calendar represents life and how it passes so quickly, and that if we don’t take it by its horns, we’ll miss out on all the magnificent experiences we’re supposed to have.

If you understand that you’re the creator of your life, made in God’s image, here to feel the exuberance of creating your desires–watching them flourish into actual concepts, then you know that time is truly of the essence in the scheme of your physical existence.

Every day, we struggle with our beliefs. We have inner conflict about what’s right and what’s wrong. We believe that in order to feel good about ourselves, we need others to approve what we’re doing, who we should be doing it for; and we end up living our only God-given life to please others–just to feel liked. Just to feel loved. Just to feel special. So could it be true that we need the approval of others in order to feel that life is worth living? Is this the life that God gave us? To exist solely for others? Or did God put us here to experience our greatness, and to live-out our divine right to be who and what we are without the need for anyone’s approval?

At the end of the day, do you feel good about your life? About the choices you made that day? At the end of the day, do you feel relieved that an enemy spoke to you? Do you feel giddy that you got accepted by that clique of girls in your office? Do you feel exhilerated because you’re finally accepted by the hip crowd? Did you finally get on your mother-in-law’s good side and now life is perfect?

Think about this. If every area of your life is about getting someone else’s approval and acceptance, to the point where you’re not doing what your heart tells you to do, what does that mean? It means you’re giving up your beautiful, special life for others. You’re living to please them. You’re living your beautiful life the way others are telling you to–not giving yourself the love and respect that you deserve to be living your God-given life your way.

Who are you living for? Your kids? Your spouse? Your church? Your friends? If you’re not living for you–if you’re not taking care of your body, mind, spirit, soul and your needs first, you may as well not be on this planet at all. Without taking care of you, without striving to fulfill your purpose and the freedom to express your individuality, then you are truly not living in the name of God. YOU must always come first. You have a life meant only for you, just as your friends have their lives meant for them.

If you don’t live for you, then don’t complain. Your days are numbered. Just check the calendar. Start doing for you. Live outside your protected box of structured time and go for it. Whatever that may be.

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