If Only

If Only

The meadow was open and endless,
the sense of tranquility whispering a secret
each step cushioned by thick, lustrous strands of green velvet
so damp and sweet
wild flowers growing unevenly in between
as white clouds hang low slowly blending
and all that can be felt is the certainty that speaks

ever-so softly in my mind

I just know

I walk alone surrounded in this surreal splendor
trying to comprehend the balance that truly does exist
trying to fathom perfection and the reason why we are here
and how the planets stay aligned
never falling from the universe that’s as dark as pitch
complimenting each other
the plan was too perfect to be a coincidence

The sun is comforting as the wind gently brushes my skin
and the only sound that I can hear is sweet and barely audible
stillness I think it is,
or perhaps the contentment that I feel
I’ve known this feeling
I’ve felt it once before
yet I can’t recall its connected bliss

There before me I see forever
Gardenias’ parfume flood my senses
days of standing at the dunes staring at the faraway places
recalling the recesses of my mind
a life left behind

The constant rush of memories in black and white
like faded pictures dusty and lost
they erode my fortress and carry it off into the sea
to the bottom
only to be conjured another time

Butterflies flutter past me
their parchment-like wings carry their metamorphic frames
and in slow motion I witness their angelic flight
just like the planets, they stay perfectly balanced in the stillness
while I walk past old tombstones chipped and white
weather beaten from centuries gone by
and I still can’t help but to wonder why

I reflect

I remember that I once walked this very field


The planets stay up in the heavens and never fall

they remain constant

as do I

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