What Is Man?

. . . man is an extension of Divine Source; created in His image. But upon man’s physical efforts to become his own God, he ended up indulging his ego to the point of self-destruction.

Man’s obsessed with money and power; he’s relentless to be number one. He’s yet to understand the reason he is born. He doesn’t know that he’s born to create, to form new desires, to pick and choose his battles, all which would enhance his experiences and heighten his consciousness as a whole. He doesn’t understand that the body isn’t supposed to get sick, and that if it should get sick, it’s only because he let negativity into his mindset. Every thought has two sides, whereby, giving him the choice to pick from a negative standpoint or a positive standpoint. Yes, sickness and depression are choices that man makes, and he uses these negative choices to suit an underlying purpose.

Apart from the physicality that you know, you are a being who uses thoughts as your way to create, and it is through your thoughts that every detail of your life, including your desires, are created—the good and the bad.  Yes, all the horrific details of your life were chosen by you before you were born. You may be thinking that you would never choose to be sick or to have sick children, or to be poor or homeless. But the truth is that you decide these paths before you are born and you do it to learn. And this includes your children, as well. You may think that you created your children, and in your terms, you do; but here’s the kicker: they choose their parents and their lifes’ paths before they’re born—the same way you picked your situations before you were born. It’s all for one universal reason: each of you wants to understand every element of God—the good and the opposite of good. You planned your charted course for your earthly experience, knowing that when you were born, you could change it if you chose to. You knew you had that power. You knew that you had the ability. You knew that you had and will always have free will to change all of it. You knew that by choosing the correct thoughts that you could rise above sickness and poverty, but you lost sight of this information when you came into the physical.

You need to learn this concept. Your choices are your responsibility. You must stop choosing instant gratification. You must stop kneeling to the throne of greed. Know that every choice you make will have a significant consequence. Your negativity is like acid, and by continually thinking ideas which oppose goodness and love, you are perpetuating the deterioration of mankind. I’ve labeled it the Collective Interactive Phenomena; there are other names for it, but it all breaks down to this: since man’s thoughts are pure energy, they will attract energy of its likeness. On his own, it may take time for man to manifest what he’s thinking, but en masse, it’s the opposite. If millions of people are thinking the same thought then the thought gains power and manifests at an incredible speed. An example of this is the weather. Millions of negative thinkers are waiting for the hurricane season. They think of it, wonder when it will arrive, and then they prepare for it. By these people anticipating and thinking about the hurricane season, and holding that thought for days, what will happen is that a hurricane will form. I know you may not believe this or even understand it, but nonetheless it’s true, and it’s happening every day, all over the world. People, as a collective consciousness, are destroying the planet, but more important, they’re destroying themselves.

The key to life

. . . is within man’s reach. Every man has a choice to think what he wants and to do what he wants. But I’m here to tell you that if you choose to think negatively, and if you choose to compromise God for gain, you will bring about your own death sentence. Every man will find out that he must deliberately choose love. He must continue to create through positive thinking; because it’s man’s thoughts that form new realities, which aids in the continuum of expanding space. If man chooses negative thinking, he will destroy himself and his entire race.

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