What Do You Say When Someone Says They Were Struck By Lightning

It was one of those instances when I actually didn’t know how to react; and if you know me, you know those instances are rare. I almost always have some type of snappy comeback or quick retort, but not this time. This time, I was silent, but most of all, I was pensive.

As we huddled near a crackling fire, listening to a story being told by my friend’s friend, we all gave each other inconspicuous glances, wondering if the story could actually be true. You see, it all began when my friend suggested that we get together after the holidays. We hadn’t seen each other since the summer, and she felt that our getting together was long overdue. So she invited us up to her cabin in Lake George, New York for a weekend of pigging-out and dishing the dirt. Little did I know what I would soon encounter. 

Anyway, after hugging each other on the front lawn of her massive lakefront property, we went into the house and got settled into our rooms. Later, after a fattening and fabulous dinner consisting of pasta, fried chicken, and dessert, we huddled around her enormous fireplace, with five bottles of red and white wine, and played catch-up with each other. That’s when Sophie, my friend’s friend, who was invited for some unknown reason, broke into a story that left each of us speechless.

It appears that Sophie was in Oklahoma, visiting her mother, when she was in the backyard picking corn. She said that the sky had turned a hazy shade of dark gray and that the wind had begun to pick up. She claimed that normally, if the weather changed suddenly the way it did that day, usually a tornado wasn’t far behind, but this was not a tornado, she said. It was a storm brewing, just a rain storm with dots of lightning. Well, anyway. She was picking her corn when a bolt of lightning crashed in the sky, leaving her no time to run. Then bam! She was hit by lightning.

We all snapped into attention and just stared into her face. I mean, what were the chances of surviving a lightning hit? So, my friend, Jayne, said to her, “Dear God! So what happened to you? Were you burned or knocked unconscious?”

We all waited to hear Sophie’s answer. Sophie said, and I quote, “I was knocked to the ground but got right up. That was it. Not a mark or blemish, nothing.”

“Nothing?” we all said at the same time.

“Not a thing,” Sophie said.

Now keep in mind that we didn’t know Sophie. She was invited by our friend, Joanna. So we glanced over to Joanna, waiting for a nod of approval, or a shoulder shrug, or something to validate her friend. But Joanna was so flabbergasted that she couldn’t respond.

Now, I ask you. What do you say to a person who says they walked away totally unscathed from being struck by lightning?

Do you call them out, or do you just politely nod, smile, and change the subject?

10 Replies to “What Do You Say When Someone Says They Were Struck By Lightning”

  1. Yikes. That’s a little too much too soon methinks, but that’s just me. According to once source I looked up – yup, you got me curious – “you won’t burst into flames or be reduced to a pile of ashes, as in a cartoon. The lighting is more likely to ‘flash’ all over you and blow off your clothes, but there will be few, if any, external signs of injury.” So maybe she did?

  2. Ok, you said maybe a few signs of injury. She claimed that nothing happened. I know there are miracles that happen everyday. But to not even get a headache? lol. Nothing?

  3. Hi Val,
    well,let me tell you I saw on tv news,dont remember where it happens,the thruth,not sure,if its in USA or Australia,England,well,the journalist sayed that three friends where playing golf when sundenly a llightning went on one of these men,and all the person who where there just thought he was dead,butnot at all,nothing ,didnt have any mark,or be burned,nothing…
    Let me tell you that once in France,when we had the bar restaurant,it was raining strong and we put everything inside (tables and chairs from outside),our daughter was helping us,she was about 10 years,and with my husband they were outside ,getting into the bar,when the thunder and a lightning just fall on the bell tower of the church we had in front of our door,well only the road separed us to the church,and the both ,my husband and my daughter feel,experienced,electricity in the body,just tiny,but something that you note,they had not any injuries,but I can tell you that even me inside I feel something..dpend may be from where you are exactly,because my familly actually had the feet in the water..so..may be this girl who where in the corn feeld she was on a unwet place..may be it was just elctric storm,without rain.Another thing,that is true..my mother when she was young,a little girl,she ahd an unbelievable experience.they were,her and parents,brothers and sisters,almost 11 persons around the table to have diner,I suppose it was raining outside and thee was thunder,I cannt tell you if the windows where opened or not,may be I supposed,it was in Morocco,may be it was hot outside,dont know,well,sundenly,more than a lightning,a ball of fire,not a small one..enter by the window,run around all the table,meanwhile,my grandfather sayed not to move,and then went out the same way it entered…yeap..true..I beleived it ,because I supposed my mother would not lie about this subject,years later it has been confirmed by my aunts,and one day,about e year ago,watching tv,well it was a subject about thunder and lightning and fenomens strange like balls of fire,it was in France,in the mountain,”small mountain”,its a region called ” le cantal” (good cheese), well persons who lived on the top in a farm,one day they had a storm,there are a lot there,well, a ball of fire enter by a window,who was opened,it was a small one,like in the bus,and run around the table where those persons where eating..yes the same fenomen,and went out this time by the conduct of the stove they had,and there of course,it exploded and they were injured,but not so seriously,and we could see the black marks on the stone wall of the house (inside).
    When this happened,you dont have to move,because its energy and its sensible to the magnetism feeld,so I suposed it could be attrackt by a person of course.
    Oh the last thing,I saw a day when it was thunder as well (storm),electricity,a blue light,enter and going out in the same time in a plug,it was like a blue filament.You know those elctical fenomens have not all be explained,and sometimes,something tiny,microscopic,or a second of a second can make everyhting change,so I dont know if this story of the friend of your friend was right or if it was just to impress the persons who where present,but why not…there so many stranges fenomens that we couldnt explain so ,my part I would say why not..you never know,except the one who is telling the story…

  4. Hi Val, wow, that’s some story you just told me. I believe in all types of miracles and I believe that anything can happen. So maybe it’s true. I will never really know.

    How are you?

  5. Hi! I know a guy, who I used to crush on told me he had gotten struck by lightning a few times. He got headaches from what I’m aware of, but the weird thing was that he could feel when lightning was close, and that if he was outside it was more likely he would get struck again. I never saw him get hit, but he hated going outside if it was thundering and lightning. I’m pretty sure the girl was saying the truth. Lightning doesn’t end in our bodies, we’re more of a conductor of it. Thanks for the post!
    Darling Cat

  6. Hi and thank you so much for reading. I agree with you. We are conductors, it’s just so hard for me to fathom that all that energy doesn’t do anything to our systems. Again, like I mentioned to another commentor, I suppose there are all types of miracles. But the sad thing is in your friend’s case, he now fears going out when it rains. But I definitely can understand that.

    Val 🙂

  7. Oh man, I wouldn’t know what to say after that! I’d have to take it all in, I mean how often do people walk away from being hit by lightning right? wow 🙂

  8. It can happen, but typically there is an exit burn. It could be she was just really cloes tot he strike and felt some of the electricity. Who knows? Stranger things have happened.

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