I Lost Sleep Over HBO’S Boardwalk Empire

The screeching guitar is playing over in my mind. I can see the Atlantic’s waves crashing bottles of booze up against the Atlantic City shoreline. I can see his face–his bulging blue eyes darting from left to right. The music. Jimmy Darmody. Nucky Thompson. Margaret Schroeder. The blood. Dear Father, what will become of HBO’S Boardwalk Empire?

If you’ve been watching HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, the series which depicts the life of Enoch “Nucky” Thompson, the crooked, gangster treasurer who ruled Atlantic City back in the 1900s, played by none other than Steve Buscemi, then you obviously watched last night’s thrilling season finale. Okay. So why? Some one tell me why they killed-off Jimmy? I just can’t believe it. And Nucky? Did you see how he screwed-over Margaret Schroeder, played by Kelly Macdonald? Did you see what she did at the end? Nucky’s gonna be one pissed-off person when he finds out that his land was signed over to the church. Tsk, tsk.

Now, if you haven’t been watching Boardwalk Empire, then you haven’t a clue of what the show’s about. And I’m sorry that I can’t get into a full synopsis as it would take way too long. But you can go onto HBO’s site and check it out there. Wait, I’ll get you the link. Be right back. Okay, I’m back. Here’s the link. HBO OFFICIAL WEBSITE   Check it out if you have time.

So, did anyone watch it last night? Do you think Jimmy is coming back? And what’s with all this snow falling all over my blog?

7 Replies to “I Lost Sleep Over HBO’S Boardwalk Empire”

  1. Jimmy is dead. I don’t have much tea and sympathy for Margaret. She has shown her true hypocritical nature. I’m supposed to feel sorry for her because Nucky married her to keep himself out of jail, and yet she had sex with Owen Whathisname and has yet to be honest to Nucky about what happened? Screw that!

  2. I was really hoping that Jimmy would get a reprieve, you know, something on the lines of him not really dead, that maybe someone found him and nursed him to health. Everyone would think he’s dead, but he comes back with a huge revenge for Nucky.

    As for Margaret, she’s cunning. I guess she really did go with Nucky for the money. In the beginning, I was thinking that she really cared for him.

  3. I’m surprised that Jimmy has lasted this long. Ever since the series’ premiere, he has managed to piss off Nucky. In that episode, he allowed his impatience to get the best of him and hijacked that booze with Capone. His act forced him to flee Atlantic City and later, have Nucky arrange with Agent Sezbo (or whatever his name was) to kill the only witness to Jimmy’s crime. But when Jimmy conspired with the Commodore and Eli to end Nucky’s status as Atlantic City’s power broker, I guess that was the last straw. I take that back. Jimmy’s attempt to get him killed was the last straw. I now realize there was no way Jimmy could ever make up for that little act. Even Eli is paying the price by taking the rap for Hans Schroeder and spending a year or two in prison. At least Eli tried to make amends several episodes earlier. Jimmy didn’t bother . . . until it was too late.

  4. Eli didn’t know which side to run to. One minute it was Nucky and then the next it was Jimmy and his father. I’m just so surprised that they killed off Jimmy instead of Eli.
    Now Jimmy’s gone and his father is dead, what’s next?

    Oh, and what was up with Jimmy and his mother? What kind of sick Oedipus shit was that?

    Anyway, it was only Season 2 and the main character is off which leads me to think: will this be a repeat of the famous DALLAS scene where JR Ewing gets shot in the shower and it was only a dream?

    I’m really hoping that Jimmy, somehow, someway, gets found by a stranger and is nursed to health and then comes after Nucky with a kick-ass revenge. LOL. I’m terrible, aren’t I?

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