Black Friday’s A-Commin’ but There’s a Better Bargain Day

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In just four more days, a whirlwind of back-stabbings and deceitery is going to be in your town. It’s going to start from 12 a.m. Thanksgiving night and will end, whenever. Get your credit cards ready. On your mark, get set, GO! Black Friday is here and it’s your last chance for getting a bargain in 2011.

So, okay. I know what Black Friday stands for in the retail end of things. But remember what happened two years ago? People actually died. And I wrote about it last year, and I’m writing about it now, and in my mind I just can’t fathom why businesses don’t give these outrageous discounts all year long so that they don’t have to freak-out about being in the red come year-end. Seriously. Black Friday is such a psychological head game that I can’t believe that no one is smart enough to catch-on and  just say screw-em. But alas, there is that discount, and it’s a good discount that simply can’t be ignored. Or could it?

The lines will begin forming around one in the morning and will snake around the stores and into their parking lots. The countdown will begin and everyone will be on their toes. Hearts will pound. Adrenaline will flow. Saliva will drip.  And the beast will be ready to pounce on the poor schnook who has to open the doors. Good grief. Think about it. Great bargains. Spending money. Are we really saving? You want to know when you’re going to save money? You’ll save money in January, the day after New Year’s.

I’m not going to say anything more about Black Friday. You know the deal, or at least you think you do. But if you really want deals, New Years’ Day, kids. That’s the day. And don’t let anyone tell you different.

While you’re killing yourselves on Black Friday, I’ll be chillin’, waiting for the real bargain day of the year.

Have fun!


7 thoughts on “Black Friday’s A-Commin’ but There’s a Better Bargain Day

  1. I actually read yesterday about a place where “thieves” waited outside stores and held-up shoppers at gunpoint as they left the store. I also read that a couple people actually got shot. That’s absolutely ridiculous.

  2. I know! I read that a woman was tazzered and that guns were pulled. I have to say that I’m grateful that I don’t do Black Friday. As I wrote in my article, the day after New Year’s Eve is the day to shop. AND most people are so out of it that the stores aren’t mad crowded like on Black Friday.

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