Hokus Pokus–All You Have to do is Focus

Valentine deFrancis breaks down the law of attraction and explains it step by step.

Hey guys. If you’ve been following my progress on the law of attraction then you’ll want to read about today’s topic concerning focusing your attention. If you need to catch up to where we are, you can always go to the right of this post and click on the archives.

Okay, so I’m going to talk about focusing. Now I know I don’t have to go into a deep explanation of what the word focus means. We all know it means to direct our full attention to an object or to a thought or to a situation. But there’s more to the meaning of focus than meets the eye. No pun intended.

Anyway, when we focus on an object, we’re zooming in on the object, not diverting our gaze anywhere else; we’re just keeping it on that object. We’re staring at the object. We’re studying the object. We’re giving it our full attention. But if someone calls our name and we turn from the object to answer them, we’re no longer focused on that object. Right? Our attention was broken from that object, therefore, we would probably forget about the object and move on to a new thought. UNLESS the object is of the utmost importance to us . . .

Follow me on this.

Let’s say you have to go to the grocery store. You have your list made out, you know what you need, and you head out the front door to go to your car. You get in your car, turn it on, and take off. You have one thing on your mind: you have to get to the store. Your focus is directed on getting to the store because you need the items on your list.

But what happens if while driving, there’s a car accident, or you hit construction? You go around the accident or construction, and return your focus back to getting to the store. In essence, you really never lost your focus; you just had a minor distraction. Your focus on getting to the store was so strong that even though there was a distraction, you got right back on track and made your way to the store. Getting to the store was your intention, and you let nothing stand in your way of getting there; including the distractions. There wasn’t any fear of not getting to the store. You just did it.

Well, when we want to use our inherent power of the law of attraction, the key is to be focused upon the desire we wish to obtain. If your desire is to get a promotion at work, and you want it badly, you’d probably think about it all day long. And when other issues of the day got in your mind’s view, you’d deal with them, and then divert your attention back to the idea of wanting a promotion.

Through your day, in the back of your mind, your deep desire of wanting a promotion rules your thoughts. You want it. You deserve it. You need it. You’re going after it. You’re not going to stop until you get it. And when daily issues get in your way, you handle them the best you can and then return your focus on your desire. You probably didn’t know this but if you continued to keep your focus on getting a promotion for a minimum of three days, the law of attraction begins to kick in. Your deep desire combined with your ongoing thoughts about it, would bring about an opportunity that will ultimately lead you to your promotion.

What does this mean?

Your attention was diverted several times throughout the day, taking your thoughts in a different direction, but because your deep wish is to get a promotion, the thought stayed with you in the back of your mind. It never left you. When you finished with your diversion thought, you automatically went back to the promotion thought. This is called focus. Your thoughts were focused on a desire, regardless of the bumps in the road that you incurred throughout your day. With me?

Things or issues that are of the utmost importance to us will stay on our minds despite the bumps in the road. If the issues are good issues, the good issues will come to pass. You were focused on them, despite the other insignificant thoughts that wedged their way into your mind. But remember; if you’re focused on something negative, and you can’t get your focus off of it, that too will come to pass. It’s all about the focus when we’re dealing with the law of attraction. Focus is the magic element. But what happens if we deliberately want to make something happen? How do we deliberate focus on it?

Contrary to what you must be thinking right now, it’s very difficult to deliberately focus on something that you want but believe you can’t have or don’t deserve. If you believe you deserve that promotion, and your thoughts are on it constantly, it will come to pass. But if you believe in your heart that you’re not worthy of the promotion and your thoughts are positive, it won’t come to pass. Your thoughts and your desire must be in alignment with your true core beliefs.

So it’s like this. If you want to manifest a million dollars, a few things must happen. First and foremost, you have to believe in your heart that you’re worthy and deserving of it. Then you have to deliberately focus on it. Now here’s where it gets tricky. To focus on a million dollars requires a great deal of mental concentration. It’s not like that job promotion. With the job promotion, you know in your heart that you can handle it. You’re in the situation everyday. You feel it because you’re in direct contact with it. But with a million dollars, you have to use your great imagination. Since you’re not in contact with it and don’t know how it feels to have it, you have to use images and thoughts and words and focus on obtaining it in the now. It would be a breeze if you knew you had a million dollars coming to you somewhere down the road. Keeping it in your mind would then be easy because you know it’s here, somewhere in the universe. But when you want a million dollars and it isn’t here, in order for the law of attraction to deliver it to you, you must use your imagination and feel it. But how? How do you get to the point of feeling it? How can you make yourself be a part of it? Again, it’s not like the job promotion which is within your reach. So how do you keep your mind on the million dollars, feeling it, believing it will happen, without any fear of not being able to obtain it?

You have to break down your thoughts into symbols and words. Yes, people. Words. Words are the power and the key.

Stay tuned. This topic is very tricky. I’m trying to break it down using examples so that you relate to what I’m saying. Don’t worry. We’ll get there. Just stay with me.

By the way. I want to make mention of a brilliant book I read called Message of a Master. It’s here where I got the grocery store story. Read the book. It’s extremely powerful.

2 Replies to “Hokus Pokus–All You Have to do is Focus”

  1. Very cool post! Aside from random luck, without focus there’s no achieving goals. But with clear, productive focus, anything is possible. I truly believe that and have lived it. Came across your blog via Nate’s my.travel.map blog. Following!

  2. Hi, so nice to see you and thank you for following me. And thank Nate 🙂

    The fact that you’ve lived the success by having focused on a goal is proof that it works. In my last three or four blogs, I talk about my testing of the law of attraction. So far, I have to say it’s the real deal. But it has to be broken down, inch by inch.

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