I’m Feelin’ Ya Monday Morning Blues

It’s Monday, everyone’s favorite day of the week. What is it about Mondays that make us so miserable? Well, I guess one of the main reasons why we’re so glum is because we have to go to work–you know–that favorite place where all your favorite people get to hang out and bitch at each other for eight hours.
Now, I know most of us dislike our jobs, but is it cause to take it out on the world? Just this very morning, I had to drive from Staten Island, New York to Sunrise Highway in East Islip, New York, and I had to do it during rush hour. Talk about knots in one’s stomach. I still have the knots, and I’m home.

During my drive to East Islip, not only was there bumper-to-bumper traffic, but there were three car accidents. Can you believe that? Then, on the way home, which was one hour later, there were three more accidents, and I sh$t thee not. Look it up if you don’t believe me. Well, all these accidents on a Monday morning got me to thinking, and we all know what happens when Val thinks too much. So here’s what I was thinking and tell me if you agree with me.

People are in a high-anxiety, high-stress mode just knowing that they have to go to their favorite place on earth. Couple this with having to engage in rush hour traffic–people cutting you off, people not paying attention, slow pokes, speed bumps, broken signals, construction, tolls, bridges, tunnels–and there you have it; the perfect setting for an accident.

Now some of you might argue that Wednesday is the worst day of the week, but I tend to disagree. Monday is a blah day. You’re just coming off a two-day weekend which isn’t enough time to desensitize from the previous work week. And then just when you begin to unwind, it’s Sunday night and you have to start the week all over again. Really . . .

Listen. I sympathize with all you commuters. And I totally sympathize with anyone who dreads going to their job. Been there, done that, and pray that I will never have to do it again. But I’d like to offer a tiny suggestion that may help take the sting out of Monday. Make a calendar with “Friday” printed in big bold letters, and put it right where you can see it as you wake up. As you get out of the bed and begin your routine, just keep thinking the word “Friday”. If you think it enough, you’ll begin to think it’s Friday. Hey, it may screw up all your paperwork at your job, but at least you’ll be smiling. Just a thought.


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