Is Facebook Responsible For Extra Marital Affairs?

Well, now I’ve heard it all. I’m watching Fox Five News where it’s been announced that Facebook is responsible for marriages breaking up. Now come on, guys. We all know that if someone is going to cheat, they’re going to cheat and that they don’t need the excuse that some online social site caused it. That is so ridiculous that I like to smack this person’s head for having the audacity to even make such a statement.

I know you all go to Facebook to hook-up with friends, but is Facebook taking a gun to your head to do so? Is a huge FB icon running through the streets pointing a rifle, holding people hostage until they commit the dirty deed? Really. How pathetic are people to make such a goofy claim?

Do you think that Facebook contributes to cheating?

4 Replies to “Is Facebook Responsible For Extra Marital Affairs?”

  1. Hi! Valentine,You know you’re right when you say that person who’s having a love affair do not need “facebook” as an excuse,but and I have to say “but”,unfortunally it exits;I mean ,I can tell you that here in Europe(Spain and France),from what I ‘ve heard,well that’s not only facebook,that’s “intert”,in his all entire,that cause failure or even divorce!! because some are chating and they know other person ,and this person well,could give what the wife or husband won’t have in his own marriage,but when you say we don’t have a gun on our head,your right,but internet or whatever is “an excuse”!! it’s just a way out from something who has been wroten yet.
    Well, anyway,if somebody is going to cheat his partner,it’s because there was something before who made that,and that’s true that internet or tv,or whatever could be a perfect excuse,you know in “the old time”!! it was the “bar” of the corner,cause when you spend to much time involved in something(work,office), or when you are with your friends,or the football as well cold be an excuse, evrything who diverts you from your partner is “an excuse”,and there you could see that the feelings of other one are hurt and I think it’s something even deeper,may be caused by yourself when you don’t understand the other,or because you don’t know that each of us we need tynies moments of freedom,and that fact don’t significate that’s an ending love,not at all it’s only Faith in your partner and understanding!
    But here there would be too much to talk,so I live you with my “reflexion ” from what I was witness too much.
    Have a nice day,greetings from Valencia.XX.Val.

  2. Hi Valerie,

    You give a very compelling argument, but if people are looking to cheat, there are hundreds of ways to do so. Before the internet, people contacted each other with the phone or regular mail. Facebook just puts the information out there, but it’s the person who is looking for it in the first place.
    Peace V

  3. Val: The way I look at it is that it is just another excuse. More and more I see people looking to blame their own bad behavior on someone or something else. The thing with Facebook is that you really have to know someone before you know them there. It’s really hard to meet new people there, so I would think the person would have found a way to cheat even if Facebook didn’t exist.

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