Health care bill–I’M PISSED, AMERICA

I consider myself a fairly intelligent person, but I have to confess, I do not understand what’s going on with our country. Quite honestly, I wouldn’t be the least surprised if a revolution took place. I know that most of us feel that we have little, if not, no control over our places in this UNITED STATES OF AMERICA—aka THE LAND OF FREEDOM! Remember that, kids? Remember when we used to be referred to as the LAND OF THE FREE? So what the hell happened to our freedom? What happened to our Constitutional rights? Did our government toss the Constitution into a pit of fire and do the happy dance around it? I’m seriously fed up. Who died and left Obama in charge? We are one stupid nation, oh yes we are. We put Obama in the control seat and now look at what a mess we’re in: Health CARE BEING FORCED DOWN OUR THROATS??

The health care bill is two-thousand pages long, filled with BS that nobody has read. We should be able to read this two-thousand page bill. It should be available for our perusal. Who knows what’s really inside this bill. I mean, honestly . . . by the year 2014, it will be mandatory for all U.S. citizens to have health coverage. Really? And who’s going to pay for it? People across this nation can’t pay their bills as it is, and now they are being forced into having health care or else they’ll be fined? What kind of shit is that? Yes, I cursed, so what. I want to understand how we, the people, are letting this happen. People say that we have no control over our government? YOOOHOOOOOOO—–we voted our president into office. We the people are totally responsible for the rich getting richer and the government taking away our constitutional rights. Yes, wake the hell up.

The United States of America is the world leader, representing truth and justice and the freedom to pursue dreams and to live freely. What the hell happened? Who the hell does Obama think he is, telling us that we must have health insurance? Let him pay for it out of his presidential pocket if he wants every American to have it. Screw the war, screw the space shuttle, screw the polititians, screw the Ponzi victims (those who still are rich regardless) and screw everything else. We need help now! We, the people, need our government—the very same government that we voted in, to take care of us. Let them put the money where it counts the most–to aiding the economic welfare of the people who make up this nation. Man, I’m seriously pissed. I know this rant was slow in coming, but it just sunk in. We, the people, better do something about this. A revolution? Don’t laugh. It’s happened before.


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