The One Secret That Will Set You Free

Escaping the clutches of trying to out-do each other
it renders me trapped with no way out
Bars of interwoven thoughts, pure energy made of steel
it seems I can’t will it away
because its hold isn’t of this world

I can only imagine the quiet calm of all that is
I dream of floating on the lake
lavished in wealth and tranquility
my freedom dome,
the gateway to what we call heaven
even if it’s in my own imagination

But lest I give you the power to break me
I can’t be broken
nor will you be able to threaten my world
or tear it down

True freedom resides when you know you have nowhere to go but up; when you’ve sunken so low that you become aware that you have nothing left to lose

True freedom is when you come to grips with the truth that everything you’re afraid of losing has power over you. When you understand this and embrace it, you will begin to let these things go and taste the bittersweet nectar of freedom

When you understand the true nature of what you are and that you leave without your treasures, it will be then, and only then, when you will experience absolute freedom

Peace of mind can be achieved when you let go of an expected outcome and just let your dreams happen. Do what you can, and then give it to God and move on. Expectations of how our lives should unfold is being attached to the expected outcome. We can’t be free if we’re attached. Life can’t flow, if we’re attached. Desires can manifest in ways that we don’t expect, but if we hold on to a set of beliefs of how they will or should appear, we will miss their manifestation if they should appear in a different form.

True freedom isn’t acquired or stored away. It’s a feeling and a knowing that nothing in this world has power over you.


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