Valentine deFrancis doesn’t lie

In case anyone hasn’t noticed, I’m a writer. I am, damn it. No seriously, I am. Annnnd, I’ll be one of the featured authors sponsored by the Barnes and Noble outdoor event this Saturday, September, 12th at Westerleigh Park in Staten Island, New York.
I’ll be promoting my book, Master of the Realm; my true story of how I overcame agoraphobia with the help of the spirit world . . . YES, SPIRITS AND GHOSTS, people. What? You don’t believe? Afraid to believe? If you read my book, you’ll understand that they’re around you, whether you believe it or not.

Anyway, if you’re reading this and you live in the area, come on by. Admission is free. Would love to meet you. If it rains, it will be held the next day, Sunday, September 13th.

You see? I told you I was a writer. Gosh, Vallie doesn’t lie.



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