Shamwow’s claim doesn’t hold water

You’ve probably seen the infomercial or the commercial for the miracle pickerupper, Shamwow—that’s the cloth that absorbs a gazillion times its own weight in liquid. You’ve seen it, haven’t you? I bet you’ve purchased one, right? If you haven’t, don’t. If you have, I’d like to hear what you think about it. My take on it is simple: it’s nothing more than a glorified handy wipe with a high price tag.

The boyfriend went to the store recently and returned saying that he bought me a present. Oh boy, a present, I said, clapping my hands like a five year old. Then he whips out the Shamwow box and says, look what I just got you. People, can we talk? I know the BF meant well, but I wasn’t expecting a box of Shamwows. When the BF comes home and says that he has a present for me, it better be jewelry or chocolates, otherwise I’m not interested. So what was my BF thinking when he gave me that box of Shamwows?

Okay, so moving forward with the story. After giving him the evil eye and grunting like a pig, I grabbed the box from his hands and proceeded into the bathroom to test it out. I mean, how could I resist the temptation to watch it absorb a gazillion times its weight? Know what I’m saying?
I decided that I would attack the glass shower doors. I got in the tub, without my shoes and socks of course, and turned on the water. Then I began to soak down the doors by washing them with Mr. Bubbles. After using the shower nozzle to remove Mr. Bubbles, I reached for the superduperwaterscooper, Shamwows. I took out the orange Shamwow and began to dry the doors. At first, I was nodding slowly, thinking that I was wrong about the Shamwows, but then I noticed that not all the water was absorbed, so I had to rewipe the doors. In fairness to the Shamwow, it had absorbed the water, but it didn’t leave the shower doors dry. In fact, I had to rewipe the doors with another Shamwow. So really. What was the point?

Trust me. Save your money and stick with Bounty. It’s the quicker pickerupper.


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