Fridays and Why Do Straight Chicks Act Gay

Somebody wake me, please! With the world in total chaos and our economy in a mess, wouldn’t it make sense if we, as a nation, would stop and take stock at what is happening to our society? Let’s be honest. This society is out of control. It lacks morals and integrity. We’ve become a nation gone wild. Look at our young adults. Okay. Now this might get me a verbal ass whoopin’, but here I go. Since when did it become the norm for girls to act gay? Somebody tell me, please? There appears to be an epidemic of teenaged girls and young women who feel the need to kiss and feel each other up in clubs, parties, Spring break–any place where there is a camera. When did this become acceptable? Did I fall asleep in a field of poppies for a hundred years and miss a revolution or something? Seriously. If you’re gay, then you’re gay. Period. Who cares? But why pretend to be gay? Does it make you cool? Do you attract more guys by acting like lesbians? When did it become chic for young women to act like horney gay chicks in public?

Girls and ladies? A piece of advice. Be who you are, and stop trying to fit in. What I respect about all gays is that they are who they are. They aren’t pretending to BE what they aren’t. They stand tall, and they act proud. So all you straight chicks . . . if you want to follow the gays then follow their integrity and values. Don’t pretend to be what you’re not in order to get attention or to attract guys. Take pride. If you really need that much attention then grab an accordian, one monkey wearing a hat, and stroll up and down Broadway.

All righty then. Moving on. Telemarketers . . . good heavens, give me a break. Will ya? Has this happened to you? You get a call asking if you would like to subscribe to your local paper. You tell them that you are a subscriber. They tell you that they appreciate your business and then hang up. The next day, you receive another call from a telemarketer asking if you would like to subscribe to your local paper. You tell them in a nice way that you are a subscriber, and that someone called the day before, and would they please take your name off their mailing list. The following day, you get another call asking if you would like to subscribe to your local paper, and now you are about to explode! What the heck is wrong with these people? Listen up telemarketers. The next time you call, I’m going to talk in a thick Hindu accent and make you believe that you have dialed Citi Corp. So there! Which leads me to my next gripe. What is up with people leaving their dog poop in the street?

I don’t know about where you live, but here in New York, picking up after your dog is a law. So here I was, out for my morning speed walk, when I spotted this lady walking her Pug. The Pug was doing his thing right at the edge of the curb, unaware that he was committing a crime. The owner, who obviously isn’t smarter than the Pug or a fifth-grader, left the doodoo where it was. I was pissed. I was really pissed. Did I mention that I was pissed? What kind of person leaves their dog’s mess on a city street, knowing that it’s against the law and that someone will likely step in it? I tell ya, this world has gone to the dogs, damn it. And speaking of poop, here’s another little diddy that makes me squint . . . infomercials.

You know when you watch an infomercial and they say at the end, “Order yours now and we’ll double your order for the same price”? I’d like to know how they can afford to do that? For only 4 easy payments of $49.99, you can have two Magic Bullets, but you have to act fast. YOU HAVE TO CALL NOW. Holy torpedo! Two Magic Bullets for only 4 easy payments of $49.99? I better hurry and call before I lose out on that great offer. Geeze.

So remember. Your day can go a lot smoother if you . . .

1– Learn to speak Hindu
2– If you wear rubbers over your shoes
3– If you order a Magic Bullet right now!

Oh, and here is a great read and a good holiday gift ( shameless self promotion )

Master of the Realm. If you never believed in life after death, this just might change your mind.

Okay. That’s a wrap. Wake me when this is all over.

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13 thoughts on “Fridays and Why Do Straight Chicks Act Gay

  1. one question??? when did promoting your book become shameless self promotion?? i just thought that in order to sell your book you need to let ppl know about it…lol…i dont think its shamless,girl i think its a way to get your word out…a good word at that…ok moving on…

    i am not aware of the whole straight chicks acting gay thing…although,i have joked many times about understanding why lesbians are happy ppl…usually this phrase follows a long drawn out issue with wes,lol…
    i dont really understand kids to much these days,and as a mother of 8,i know thats crazy…but if you were around my teen daughter,you would understand,teens today,are….humm…how shall i say this??….ummm, a “unique” generation…is that a nice way to say it????

    next,ewww…dog poo…eww…rude!!!! lol thats all i can say about not picking up after ur dog,cat,whatever….

    infomercials…ugh!!! what a way to waste tv time…ive seen everything from colon cleaners to sex toys,to everything else….now that my friend is awful…imo…lol

    telemarketers…i encourage them…its a great way for me to release stress…lol……so when they call,i know when im done they are reconsidering their job,and i feel better…
    have a good day

  2. well I haven’t a clue as to why anyone would want to have anyone kissing and hugging up on them and well just about to ready to go at it in a public place myself… I do know that today there is a lot of that going on , you see it everywhere, and any place where alcohol is being served , well there you go..maybe they are all tanked up and forget WHO they are and What they are doing! who knows? I guess it’s like everything else these days , some one did it and someone said hey that’s cool and there you go … like you said especially if there is a camera around and there usually is. people don’t go anywhere these days without their phone and them cameras lol!
    as far as the telemarketers go , I don’t answer my phone if I don’t know whos calling and sometimes if I do! lol got rid of the house phone a long time ago . Why do people think it’s okay to walk their dogs down the street so they can go to the bathroom in someones else’s yard is beyond me! just the other day I was sitting in the livingroom and saw a lady walking her big dog through the neighborhood , and she was letting him stop on my front lawn, I was like if she lets him poop there and leaves it there I will just go get a bag and pick it up and run down the street and give it to her.. that is a pet peeve of mine too that people dont have respect for others .there is little you can do to change that I suppose . love your friday blogs Val and thank you again for the opportunity to give my two cents worth .. take care ya hear ! hugs ~~~patricia

  3. Great write as always Val. I can’t agree with you on homosexuals having values and integrity. If it were the norm than there would be no humans at all. Television, radio,newspapers,magazines and movies have made this acceptable and has influenced them. To me I believe in Leviticus strongly and should be put to good use.

  4. Goodmorning Dear Val:)

    It is appalling to see how some of the younger generation act for a camera or for attention. It is disrespectful to themselves, those in view, their parents, and most of all those who are gay. One day when they decide to choose a career they will wonder how these pictures surfaced and ruined their career…

    We are on the no call list… funny we still get calls. Guess we’ll have to do the hindu accent. I can immitate my mothers thick German accent… hindu I’ll have to work on:).

    The Dog feces issue… even if it were not a law, for sanitary reasons I would feel compelled to clean up after my dog.. Gucci is tiny and I have him litter box trained, but when he goes outside for walks or a little run on ‘our property’ we clean that up. We live out in the country…. It sickens me to think that in a huge city what it would be like if noone cleaned after their dogs. There is never a cop around when you need him… she should have been cited, bet she would not forget next time.

    Infomercials…. A useless fill of air time. It would be something useful to put one to sleep if they didnt shout the prices and hurry the price is only good for the length of this show. Magic bullets huh? lol, that had me laughing. I am afraid every strange neo-nazi mersonary would be dialing up (southeast and western kansas used to have alot of them … scary bunch).

    I am a firm believer of life after death, of those among us protecting us… so I agree if one needs comfort or to believe… they need to read Master of the Realm… Sequel? Soon? I hope so:).
    Much love and Respect

  5. (Shaking head.) I don’t understand why at all except that maybe it’s going extreme the other way to make up for folks like me who grew up being so not touchy-feely at all. And all of the rest of the things you mention bug me, too — the telemarketers, the people who don’t clean up after their pets. I think that last piece of advice you give — the three things that will make your day go better are THE BEST! I love all of your blogs both here and there :)) !! Have a great weekend, Val!


  6. oh val…..great blog. it annoys me to no end to see ‘chicks’ in clubs doin the hunchy and kissy thing on each other!!
    this younger generation has completely lost its mind!! and these are the people that we will have to depend on when we get old??!! omgoodness sakes alive!! its a scary thought!

    i love to mess w/the telemarketers…..i use several diff accents during one call. it goes from british, to hindu, to aussie, to scottish. believe me they are confused when we end the call.
    i usually tell them that i have multiple personalities and i cant control them!! i always end w/my real voice and tell them im gonna report them to the ‘do not call service’ that i signed up for. i dont know what gets em…..but they usually dont call back!!

    dog poop on the street!!! i have never lived in a city that was big enough for such a law. but i guess it would be common courtesy to pick up your dogs poo! in bigger cities….as many dog lovers as there is….might be alot of poo to watch out for. i know i would not be happy if i were walking down the street in my ann klein stilettos and stepped in a pile of poo! lol!!

    straight women kissing women and telemarketers on the phone… poo on the street….
    where has this country gone!!! lol!!!

    great blog, val….as always!!! xoxoxo kat

  7. Well you know I already purchased and read your lovely book along with my book club =)

    so I think girls and women act the way they do when they are intoxicated in some form and are looking for attention and maybe not by another woman. I mean for years gay women have been soo much more acceptable then gay men…well when they are attractive, ha. I mean ask any man how he feels about gay women (I bet he just had a recent dream about being in bed with 2 women at the same time) and he will say yeah but you ask him about (if he is a straight man and slightly homophobic) 2 men and he will act all grossed out. For some reason seeing two attractive women touch each other and kiss seems to be a turn on for lots of people. I think in most cases alcohol and or drugs is involved .

    Yeah if you are gay good for you and you deserve to be treated equally and all of that, but acting like something you are not isnt really cool. Ha.

    Telemarketers yeah. So I suscribe to Time Warner cable and like every other day someone leaves a paper on my door for a deal to new subscribers, also they have called a few times too. Like how rude you have soo many customers that you cant even keep track and value your customers. It should be embarrassing to ask someone to be your customer when they already are!

    Dog poop. HA. Here in CA you have to scoop your poop too. I remember the days when you would see dryed up white poop on the grass. HA. Well scooping is lots better so that you dont step in the mess but really it causes more issues for the enviromental issues. I mean poop will natutally disolve into the earth but when we scoop it we use plastic bags which are causing a huge problem.

    Ok so get this. I have an indoor cat who used cat liter. I was flushing the cat liter because it said I could and it seemed like a good way to get rid of the mess because I fluch my own you know, ha. So then on the news here in CA they said not to flush your cat liter because the sea otters were getting sick and dying. Ahhh omg my toliet water goes into the ocean???!!! I’m sickened by this thought…..reason why I havent been in the ocean here! Ok so I stopped flushing the cat poop and pee but now I scoop it and put it in my plastic groccery bags and though it in the trash.

    Ok so here in CA they are working to ban plastic bags and only use the reusable ones. Soo when this happens what do I do with my cat poop?! I mean I dont want to kill the sea creatures……uggggh.

  8. Great blog Val!!

    In a nutshell what this all means is we have become a society of warped kids, irresponsible adults, and people so desperate for a job they make cold calls and listen to people give them hell. Take me back to the 50’s or 60’s, please!!

    Hugs, Debbie

  9. But really, does sexual behavior determine orientation? Does kissing someone of the same sex make you gay? Yes, she isn’t actually gay (that we know of), but if you are saying that she is pretending to be gay, then that must mean that her sexuality is determined by who she kisses. I think it is fair enough if she wants to kiss another girl, as long as she isn’t leading her on. However it can be argued that it does marginalise homosexuals, and more so bisexuals.

  10. Well, if you haven’t tried to be a straight/gay (confusing if putting two extreme terms together) person then you won’t understand these people. I was in a situation where there was a possibility to “get rid of” two annoying guys in the club by using a “gay technique”. Although, I wouldn’t say that I fall into any of the two groups alone. That might justify my action. However, acting “gay” is not just or only to get attention and has a much more in depth meaning. xD

  11. Hi,

    What I was solely referring to was chicks who act gay by touching each other and kissing each other when they’re not in fact gay. To blow someone off is one thing. You don’t have to “act out” the whole gay part to do it. You can just tell a guy that you’re gay and be done with it. But the girls I’m talking about you see on Jerry Springer, or Spring break, or Girls’ Gone wild. That type of thing. They act gay for attention.

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