Friday’s Blog Browsing and Other Noteable Stuff

So good morning my lovelies. Yes, today is October 31, 2008, or also known as Halloween.  This isn’t going to be about Halloween, so don’t get crazy and roll your eyes. In fact, this isn’t going to be another blog about Hollywood gossip or about McCain and Palin and Obama. Heck, I think the internet and the media have overkilled the crap out of that. Even SNL, which by the way is absolutely hysterical with Tina Faye playing Sarah, will not get mentioned. And 30Rock . . . which is just about the funniest show on national television, won’t get mentioned, either. No, today’s column is about plain ole stuff. Real stuff. Everyday in your life, stuff. So on with the stuff.

I would like to kick off this column with something that may gross you out, but I believe it deserves an honorable mention — and then I won’t bring it up again . . . what’s with the nose picking? I’ve mentioned this before and swore that I wouldn’t mention it again, but I can’t resist. I’ve seen more people picking their noses in the last week than I have in my life. And what gets me is that they think they aren’t being watched. What kind of enjoyment are these people getting? Can someone please write me here on this column and explain this.  And I won’t mention this again. Okay. Moving on.

So I’ve been talking to some friends who say that this is going to be a really cold winter here in New York. And I’m thinking that I cannot do another really cold winter. I simply cannot do another snowy, wet, gray winter. Know what I mean? I need warm and soothing, with blue skies and white, fluffy clouds rolling by–with the green ocean waves swirling around my ankles. Ahhhhhhhhhh. Oh, sorry. Got carried away. So what does a person do when they can’t afford to pack it all up and move to the west coast or a tropical island? You go and get a portable heater, a DVD about the Caribbean, one bottle of Jack Daniels–with a tiny red umbrella, and a CD of visualization exercises. Okay. Moving forward.

Mimi, a really good friend of mine, is having boyfriend troubles. She was in his apartment the other night, waiting for him to come out of the shower, when his cell phone went off. Of course, she did what any normal, intelligent chick would do–she picked it up. Turns out that the caller was another woman, but not just any other woman, his ex-girlfriend. She listened to make sure that he was still actively engaged in his shower and then played the message. It wasn’t good. The ex wanted to know if she could meet up with him at a different time for their date on the following night. Uttt ohhh. Stay tuned for this.

I have two friends who live in Florida who are roomies. One friend called me the other day to complain that the other friend is driving her crazy with her non-stop chattering. This friend talks when she gets up, while she’s eating, while she’s dumping, and even while she’s sleeping. What is a roomie supposed to do?

And guys . . . whatever you do, don’t lie to your boss. Once, twice, three times, and the ad goes into the Sunday newspaper to replace you–behind your back. And if you have a secret, keep it a secret. The fastest way to get your business around the work place is to tell a friend.

Oh, and here are a couple of groovy blogs to check out. Click here for Margaret and Helen, and Click Here for Who is Joe the Plumber?

So have a great Friday people and remember this: If you think someone is talking about you, they are.



6 thoughts on “Friday’s Blog Browsing and Other Noteable Stuff

  1. Winter – cold, damp, horrible!!

    I wanna go back to Africa!!

    The nose picking thing must just be NY or the USA in general cause I ain’t seen it happening here in my tiny part of Great Britain.

    The sooner the US elections are over the better as I am also fed up with all the coverage and the gross amounts of money being spent.

    No such thing as a secret.

    Get a roomie like my one, he just lives in the mirror,
    never answers back, looks like shit every morning which makes me feel better, doesn’t give secrets away, ok he doesn’t pay rent but he is no problem whatsoever.
    Put up a couple of extra mirrors and he is good company.
    Oh, and he doesn’t drink all the booze.

    Can’t imagine who would be talking about me – shame –
    I’d love to have something for people to gossip about.

    It is 3.30 pm here and as it is Friday I am awaiting four thirsty – my sundowner hour – (I still believe I am in Africa after 25 years stupid dickhead!). Anyway, seeing as it is halloween I am going to open a bottle of homemade, 9 year old pumpkin wine and drink to all the ‘witches’ I ever knew!!

    Life is a garden – Dig it!!



  3. val, like my mama use to say when other people are talking about you , they are talking about their betters! lol, and it don’t really matter anyway cause I’m probably talking about them too… but in a good way… I try not to listen to much of the news these days as it is all about the same old same old , you don’t know who is telling the truth anymore anyway. I have a dear friend who ,when we are together talks absolutely nonstop, and all I can ever get in is , well, uh, yeah I , oh , etc. I never get to say a complete sentence unless I talk while she is talking which I think is so rude, but I do love her and we have a lot of laughs, I love your little column here and am going now so there will be room left for others to comment ha ha ha ,, take care ya hear …

  4. You’ve come up with a good way to handle the Winter blues Val. But if you’re like me, you’d miss the snow and all Winter has to offer if you go someplace all warm and cozy. 🙂

    Nose picking? Be thankful it’s not an olympic sport.

    So did Mimi smack her boyfriend around or what?

    As far as roomates go. Been there done that.

    And lies to the boss or anyone else for that matter will eventually be found out.

  5. oh val….the nose thing gets on my last kat nerve. for goodness sakes….dont these people know what a bathroom is for?? i often wonder if walkin down a street, what do they do with whatever they dig outta there??!! ewwww.
    personally, i love the cold weather. so clean and crisp and fresh! ya know i def dont like hot weather…cant breathe. so winter is excellent for me. come on down to ky and we will make a fire and drink some nice brandy!!
    the boyfriend is a pig and it would serve him right if she never said a word to him about the voicemail…just show up at his date w/her. imagine the look on his face!!!
    roomates that dont get on your nerves are rare. esp if its one your married too!!! lol.
    lies beget more lies…..and its a viscious circle that will make you look stupid every time!!
    great work, val….ya know im lovin it!!! xoxoxo kat

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